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3 Health Secrets For MomsIn the West, we often think that when we are free from disease then we are healthy. But an absence of disease is not the same thing as health. In order to be optimally healthy we have to take care of more than just our physical body.

Sure maintaining a healthy weight is great, but there is more to the healthy life puzzle than that! This is particularly important to busy moms as we try to juggle the demands of children, spouses, household duties and work. To be truly well we must take into consideration three very important aspects of our lives.

1. Our Bodies: Yes ladies, we have to take care of our bodies and the modern medical establishment gives us lots of advice on how to do this. Eat well and move often is the general rule of thumb to keeping the physical body fit and well-tuned.

2.Our Minds: The concept of mind/body is relatively new in the Western world, but deserves some real attention. Neurological studies now reveal that what we think and what we believe has a huge effect on the health of our physical bodies.

Here are a few examples. When we talk to ourselves negatively on a consistent basis (You’re such an idiot! You’re so fat!) we actually depress our immune function, making us more susceptible to infection. Doctors are also finding that older adults who stay mentally active, working crossword puzzles, reading interesting books and playing intellectually stimulating games are less likely to suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s. In other words, healthy minds help our bodies stay healthier.

3. Our Spirit: This aspect of ourselves is the quickest to write off as unimportant. We think, what does my “religion” have to do with my physical healthy? Turns out it’s NOT your religion but the general way that you view life and who you surround yourself with that has a big impact on your health and well-being. And religions often times give you a philosophy of how life is to be perceived and who to hang out with.

Here are some interesting facts. Patients who pray for healing and/or are prayed for by others have better recovery outcomes than patients who received no prayer. People who believe that there is a greater power working on their behalf, no mater what you call that power, tend to work less and suffer less from the physical symptoms of stress than those who do not.

So you see true wellness is a delicate balance between these three aspects of ourselves. When one is neglected it negatively affects the whole system.

So take time to nurture ALL parts of your Self to live a fully healthy and happy life.