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LOVE & PetalsThere is no grander act than to love yourself. The theme and intention for this month is self-love and remembering ourselves. (If you’re looking for practical ways to use yoga as a tool to show yourself some love, join me every Wednesday for some free Self-Lovin’ yoga practices).  So today I’m going into more detail about the topic of self-love.

People have different definitions of self love. Some people attempt to love themselves by treating themselves often to sweets or alcohol. Some people attempt to build themselves up to seem superior to others. But this is not love at all. All of this is ego gone wild.

There are really only 3 aspects of self love and with practice you can master them.

  1. Knowing – You can’t truly love what you don’t know. So a part of loving yourself fully is to find time to know you and study you.
  2. Being – If you have small kids you know that what really makes them feel loved is NOT toys or fancy things. It’s having your attention. The same is true for yourself. Love yourself by spending time, just being with you.
  3. Nurturing – Taking good care of your physical, mental and spiritual bodies are the ways in which we actively demonstrate love to ourselves. Indulging in creative projects, exercising and maintaining a spiritual practice are all practical ways to love you!

We all deserve to be loved. So take some time to really love yourself today!