tea cup at the windowI consider myself to be a pretty disciplined person. And I do wholeheartedly believe that discipline is a key to living the “good life”. But between you and me, sometimes I just don’t feel like it!

Sometimes I just want to go with the flow of Life and be easy!

You ever feel that way? You ever feel like you just need a vacation from life?

I’m slowly realizing that feeling like this is OKAY!

It’s okay to lack discipline sometimes. It’s okay to give yourself a break. Not only is it “okay” but it’s a necessary part of living. Human beings were not made to go, go, go without any downtime (no matter what corporate America tells us).

We are most healthy when we have times of activity (most of which we enjoy) and times of much needed and deserved REST.

Here are 5 ways you can give yourself a “break” from discipline:

1. Do First Fridays

Leave the first Friday of the month wide open. Don’t schedule appointments. Don’t plan to do any extra curricular activities that requires you to be ultra responsible. Do the bare minimum that day and then do anything else you want. If you can swing it, consider taking a leave day from work on the first Friday of every month. I bet that will feel really delicious!

2. Schedule other holidays

Keeping with the same theme, just unplug from certain activities on a regular basis for longer periods of time. For example, try NOT to work when your children are out of school for a holiday break.

3. Let your weekends be weekends

Allow your weekends to be easy.  Maybe you wash dishes or do a little tidying up around the house but other than that make time to hang out with your family doing all the fun things with them that you NEVER get to do with them during the week.

4. Find compassion for yourself

Do you ever call yourself lazy for not doing the things you think you’re suppose to do?  Here’s the thing, moments (or weeks or months) of low inspiration are normal. These times (in my experience) are usually balanced out by other times of incredible inspiration and hard work. So just go with it!  You’re not lazy, you’re just in a resting period.

5. Go with the flow of YOUR energy

Sometimes a lack of motivation or inspiration is a good time for you to be still and absorb information that may help you later. Or just meditate on what you want to do going forward.

The point is to NOT strive for perfection, but to learn to listen and become aware of your unique needs and desires. This will help you move through your life with more ease and joy.

In other words, just go with the flow!