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Attachment aversion sutra

This little nugget I found in Judith Lasater’s book, Living Your Yoga.  She writes:

“In daily life, you are constantly pulled between trying to get what you want and trying to avoid what you don’t want.  Whether you are busy pulling something in or pushing it away, there is a relationship between you and the object or event that limits your freedom.”

The sad thing about being caught up in attachment or aversion is that it interferes with the ability to experience things as they are.

Even when these things are painful and difficult, there is an advantage to fully experiencing them as they occur.

When you do, you are unburdened. You do not have to carry it with you in an unfinished state.

This process of experiencing the difficulty NOW allows you to begin to heal.

Learning to live in the moment, complete with your preferences and recognizing attachment and aversion, is like a soothing balm on a sunburn.