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baby feet up the wall in bath

I can remember so clearly when my daughter (the middle born) was no more than a week old. It was 3am. The time of day I hated most when I had an infant, because I never knew when (or if) I was going to get any sleep that night.

My husband and toddler were sleep. And this beautiful baby girl was a wreck! She was crying and nothing I seemed to do soothed her. I rocked her. Nursed her. Bounced her. NOTHING WORKED!

I took her in the guest room, far far away from the other sleeping beings in my house. And just held her close to me.  As she continued to wail I repeated this mantra to myself…

“And this too shall pass”.

This has since become one of my core mantras for keeping my sanity as a mom, as a wife and as a human being.

There are plenty of things in life that we want to pass quickly, like my crying infant.  But years later, just this Fall when my baby (the 3rd born) turned five I cried like a baby!

This time because that stage in my life, where my babies where babies is now over for me!  That ship has sailed.

That too has passed!

Today I wanted to leave you with Sri Swami Satchidananda’s commentary on book 2 verse 18 of the Yoga Sutras. He states:

“All life is a passing show. If we want to hold it, even for a minute, we feel tension. Nature will try to run away; we will try to pull it back and keep it. When we want to keep it, we put up barriers which ultimately cause us pain.”

The life lesson for us yoga mamas?

This crazy, busy, tiring, chaotic mom life is here for us to learn from, grow from and be blessed by for just a season.

Use the tools of your yoga practice to be mindful and fully present for every second. Yes even the poopy, vomity, cry-y seconds!

Because before you know it……..it will pass into yet another blessed and sacred moment!

Have a wonderful week my yoginis!

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