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It amazes me how children are natural born yogis. No, not just in the way they bend and twist. But the fact that they live so fully in the present moment.

See, my little bear woke up with the stomach bug the other morning. Doing the “thing” every thirty minutes or so over the throw up bucket. But when he wasn’t “doing the thing” he was just him. He wasn’t whining or gripping. He was actually smiling and cuddling.

No doubt enjoying the extra cuddle time that illness brings every child.

He was even, dare I say, jovial. Even though he was “sick.”

This is so contrary to what we grown ups do under the guise of adulting. We’re sick, sure, but in between bouts of pain or vomit we make ourselves sick-er by worrying and fretting about what may be.

I admit, I almost fell into the worry sickness trap as soon as my sick boy walked into my room at 5am. My first thought (after I realized he was okay) was oh, shit, what am I gonna do about all the stuff on my to-do list? I can’t get that done while he’s home.

I noticed in that moment how MY stomach began to hurt and tighten. And then I realized that this worry sickness serves no one. Not me and not my little bear. And so I cuddled my boy (trash can near by) and gazed out the window at the purple dawn sky.

I took a deep breath and breathed in the love I felt in the beauty and security of that moment. And I gave myself permission to deal with the logistics of my “obligations” later. After all isn’t this what it’s all about? Isn’t this how we LIVE mindfulness and yoga in our everyday mom life?

Holding the space for love for your children. Enjoying the quiet moments that sometimes you feel forced into.

Yoga teaches us mindfulness. That subtle yet often difficult act of being HERE NOW. No matter what. And being okay with and even finding some new perspective and joy in every moment. Letting the moment be your teacher.

So what did I learn from being mindful of my bear’s sick day? That a purple sky and a cuddly 6 year old are much better than marketing and even teaching yoga! That these days draw me deeper into my yoga practice and for that I am grateful.

Have a mindful week mama!


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