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I’ve talked many times here about finding purpose in life and honoring your own path.  But once you’ve figured out what you are here for at this time in human history – then what?

How do you translate your unique gifts, talents and purpose into actions that bless others?

How do you do this?

By practicing sacred service.

Many spiritual traditions teach the importance of sacred service.  That is service that you engage in “as unto the Lord.”  Meaning that you serve others with a selfless heart and without expectation of reciprocity.

So does sacred service mean that I have to quit my day job and take up volunteering at a local homeless shelter?

Well, it could, BUT it doesn’t have to mean that.

We as unique expressions of God are here on this planet at this time to serve in our own unique way.

Here are a few ways to engage in sacred service in your everyday life.

1. Act selflessly towards the people in your own house and/or community.

Who said you have to join some organized humanitarian effort to have your actions matter?

What you do matters in the lives of the people that are around you each and every day.

So be kind, giving and gracious to your spouse and children.  Be kind and helpful to your next door neighbors.

World change starts within you and then extends from there.

2. Be conscious in parenting your own children.

I know you’re thinking you already serve these little people diligently enough.

And we do.

But sometimes it’s not about WHAT we do, but HOW we do it.

Are you cooking dinner every night with a frowned face because you resent having to prepare a meal for your family?

Do you often speak harshly when your kids are being louder than you would like?

We all go through times when we are having one of those days and are dealing with a bad mood.

But if “bad mood” is our default setting we start to send a message to our children that they are just one more thing to “do” on our to-do list.  That they are a burden on us as parents.

You can change that by making your parenting a sacred service.

Consciously speak to your kids in ways that encourage them and be mindful of your attitude when doing things with and for them.

Kids internalize our actions even more so than our words, so act graciously.

3. Identify your passion and give to it.

This is more about tithing than anything else.  About being financially generous to people and organizations that you feel make a difference in the world.

If you, like me, see the effects of poor nutrition and down-right hunger on young kids everyday, then donate a portion of your income to a charity that feeds children like Share Our Strength.

Your sacred service doesn’t have to be about money but sometimes giving money helps A LOT.

4. Make your every day purchases serve others.

So we all buy things, food, clothes, toys, personal care products.  There is no reason that our dollars need to only serve the wealth of the companies we purchase from.

It is wise for us to sow our seed in places we find worthy.

To that end, here are many companies that not only sell products, but also commit some (or all) of their profits to worthy causes.

Newman’s Own Brands, Dr. Bonner’s Soaps, and Panera Bread are just a few.

These and many other companies do a lot of good for their communities, employees and the world at large.

Hey if we have to buy stuff anyway, might as well make it count.

5. And YES, Volunteer too!

We can always find ways to make giving our time a sacred service.

Anything from tutoring or mentoring a child, cooking meals for a new mom or volunteering for the PTO of your kid’s school.

It all counts as service!

You need only choose the activities that light a fire for you.  Then find a babysitter (or take the kids with you) and serve with all your heart.

What do you consider sacred service?  How are you being the love in your world?

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