Catching Your Life Vision – A Walk in God’s Will

Have you ever stopped to think about your life vision?  I’m not really talking about what goals and ambitions you have set for yourself (those are important too).  What I’m talking about is have you ever actively tried to align yourself to walk in God’s will?

I was talking to my husband the other day about God (yes we may not agree on much when it comes to the God topic but we do still talk about it on occasion).

He has recently been presented with some opportunities that would effect our whole family and he told me that his prayer has been very simple and to the point.

“Order my steps Lord.”

So just how do we do this?  How do we catch God’s vision for our lives and surrender enough for Him to order our steps?

Here are a few suggestions that have worked for me.

1. I ask

Yes I know this may seem incredibly simplistic and so mundane, but try it.  It really does work.

Doesn’t the Bible tell us to ask?

Well there is definitely some truth and power in the question we ask God or the Universe.

I think that when we are sincere and truly want to know the answer, when we ask, God literally talks to us in a way that we best understand.

So the question to ask in this situation is something like: “What am I here for?”  Or as I do each morning when I pray I ask “What would you have me do Lord?”

2. I listen

Okay so this is another no brainer.  If you are going to ask a question you should probably listen for a response – right?

Of course this may be easier said than done when you’re talking to God because His answer may or may not come in a way that you expect.

Which leads me to my third point.

3. Be open to receive the answer

Have you ever heard the joke about the man who was stranded on his roof after a hurricane had flooded the streets of his town?

In the story the stranded man was sure that God would save him.  So when another person came by with a life jacket and asked him if he needed help the man on the roof replied “No thanks I don’t need a life jacket. God will save me.”

Then another person came by with a boat and asked him if he needed help.  The man on the roof replied “No thanks I don’t need a boat. God will save me.”

Finally a third person came by with a helicopter and asked if he needed help.  The man on the roof replied “No thanks I don’t need a helicopter. God will save me.”

Later that day if began to rain and the flood waters began to rise to the point that the man was no longer safe on the roof.  It became inevitable that he would drown.  The man cried out to God.

“God I trusted that you would answer my prayers and save me, but you have left me to die!”

God responded: “I answered your prayer.  I sent you a life jacket and you declined.  I sent you a boat and you declined.  And I sent you a helicopter and you declined. What more can I do if you won’t receive my help?”

And this is the point I am trying to make about us being available to receive the answers we ask God.

When it comes to us asking God to reveal your life vision, we have to be available to receive that information in what ever way it may come.

The point here is to be available to the answer you seek.  Realize that your life vision could come to you in a dream, through a sermon or book, or though a person that you may have very little respect or admiration for.

It doesn’t really matter where or how the information comes to you, what matters is that you receive it.

So what is your life vision?  How are you walking in God’s Will?

About Keya

Keya Williams is a mother of three and Yoga Lifestyle Consultant. She teaches working moms practical strategies to to juggle life & kids without burning out.
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4 Responses to Catching Your Life Vision – A Walk in God’s Will

  1. Hi Keya,

    I think those are all good points. Aligning with God is second nature to me. Surrendering to the good of the whole and not having expectations helps in the walk with God. Not thy will, thy will be done.

    Happy Blessings my friend.

  2. Awesome word Keya! HE is the only one that can give us answers to HIS will for us.

    You definitely bring up a good point about listening for an answer and being flexible to receive the answer. Sometimes we can miss divine communication because it is not in the form we expected.

    Again, I appreciate the timeliness of your article and the wisdom shared.

    Eryka T. Johnson

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