The Realm of Ever Expanding Good

I’m holding my breath these days each time I drive.  We just got a new van after our old SUV was hit and declared totaled.  So each time I drive my new (beautiful) minivan I’m holding my breath.  Filled ever so slightly with anxiety.

Why am I so anxious?

Well, what if someone hits this new car?  Am I driving a little too close to that gate?  I wouldn’t want to scratch this car too.

I realize that this mild anxiety is “somewhat” natural and even logical. Or maybe only I think this way and this line of thinking makes me crazy.

But thinking like this.  This needless and senseless anxiety over something being taken away from me goes against the spiritual principles I believe in.

See I believe that God is ever giving and ever loving.

That unlike us, God does not withhold ANYTHING from us.

The only reason we feel as if we are lacking in some way is because we have not grown in consciousness enough to realize that we have EVERYTHING already.

And so, as I hold my breath (just a little) driving down the road, what I’m really worried about is….What if God takes this great thing away from me?

But then I have to remember.  God. You know that all knowing, all loving, all giving Presence?  He is the realm of ever expanding GOOD!

Because I am one with this Presence I call God, then I live in the realm of ever expanding good.

I did say EVER expanding?  Not just for this moment expanding – right?  That means that I can expect and anticipate good at each and every turn of my life.  Not just right now, but ALWAYS!

I did say ever expanding GOOD?  Not ever expanding BAD- right?  That means that good things are always at hand in my life.

So then I have to remind myself of the spiritual law of abundance.

Is there only one minivan in the world?  If we somehow lost this one, would I have to walk every where for the rest of my life because there are no other cars to drive?

I know that this would not be the case.  There is always more. And God’s resources are inexhaustible.

In the last few weeks, God (as always) has demonstrated to me and my husband that 1) The Presence is ever expanding and ALL GOOD and 2) That there is no such thing as lack. There is only abundance.

Yes my family SUV was wrecked and declared totaled, but not one single person was injured.  My family wasn’t even in the car, since it was hit while parked on the street.  God is ALL good!

I (or my children) didn’t have to walk anywhere during this transition.  God is ALL good!

We purchased an even “better” vehicle.  God is the realm of EVER EXPANDING good!

We were able to put more money in our savings because of this accident. There is ONLY ABUNDANCE!

So perhaps I’ll begin to breathe easier as time goes on while I’m driving my new car.  Letting go and surrendering to God’s very capable and loving hands?

How do you experience the realm of ever expanding good in your life?

About Keya

Keya Williams is a mother of three and Yoga Lifestyle Consultant. She teaches working moms practical strategies to to juggle life & kids without burning out.
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