It’s Not You Its ME

Ah, the old “Its not you its me” line sounds like the words of a dramatized break-up on a sitcom.

But today I’m using this phrase in a much different way.

As I sit here tired from a long (did I say LONG?) day of breakfast baking, school driving, PTO working and fitness class teaching, there is one thing I am certain of.

This thing I do called my life, is TOTALLY NOT BY MY WILL.  It is done and accomplished by a will much higher than my own.

It is as if God itself is saying to me, “Keya, its not you its ME.”

I am incredibly grateful that it is HIM doing all of this through me.

I am incredibly grateful that in moments like this where I am just too tired to give anymore, I can still be inspired and draw from an energy that is greater than me.

So when I’m teaching that final fitness class of the evening, the strength to jump, smile and cajole is God’s, by means of me.

I am simply the vessel.  Willing and open to do and go where I am led.

It has taken a long (did I say LONG?) time for me to arrive here, but this space is a good one.

This space of openness. This space of guidance. This space of inspiration. This space of ease.

God can finally say it’s not you its ME, with my life and I totally embrace that.

About Keya

Keya Williams is a mother of three and Yoga Lifestyle Consultant. She teaches working moms practical strategies to to juggle life & kids without burning out.
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2 Responses to It’s Not You Its ME

  1. Helene says:

    I really needed to read that, I had a LONG, exhausting day and sometimes I wonder how I push through.
    I know I get my strength through HIM.

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