How to Live a Balanced Life – Aligning Action with Purpose

I have this fear of doing. Sure if you met me in the last four years you wouldn’t think this of me, because I’m always doing something. Perhaps you would even think that I do too much and need to sit down and let someone else do.

But my fear of doing has nothing to do with WHAT my task is. It has everything to do with my need to live a balanced life. A life where my actions are in alignment with my purpose.

See there was a time not so long ago, that everything I wanted to do had nothing to do with my life purpose.

Granted I wasn’t really sure about my purpose then. But my life activities were still so very disjointed from each other.

When I lived this life I was often overwhelmed restless and irritated. Can you relate to these feelings?

But life doesn’t have to be lived in a tizzy. You can learn to live a balanced life that places your soul’s yearnings at the center of your activity.

Here’s how.

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4 Things You Should Consider Before Becoming A Vegetarian

I am a closet wannabe vegetarian. I have secretly wanted to be a meat-freer for many years now.

I can’t really explain why. But something about vegetarianism intrigues me. Consequently, I have had times in my life where I have cut out meat completely, and other times where I’ve been quite the carnivore.

There are many teachings about the spirituality of food. Various traditions teach that fruits and vegetables are the most highly vibrating foods and therefore, if you eat strictly these things you will elevate your vibratory frequency.

Some traditions consider meat eating “sinful” because you have to kill another living thing in order to consume it.

I do not buy into the dogma of any particular teaching or tradition about food.

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Spiritual Effects of Negativity – Does Violent TV Really Matter?

My husband loves to watch reality pawn store shows. Pawn Stars on the History Channel is his favorite of the sort. I actually like this show for the historical facts I learn about each item brought into the store.

But my husband also likes to watch the OTHER pawn store shows, like Hard Core Pawn.

This show, on the other hand, features a bunch of pawn store owners whose shop is (most likely) located in a poor neighborhood in Detroit. The people that come into the shop to do business often insult the workers. And the owners of the shop often greedily try to get as much money out of a sale as they can (no matter how unfair the transaction is).

In other words, this show and other reality shows of the sort, feature the absolute lowest common denominator of our society.

The disrespectful, the shameless and the greedy.

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Keya Williams, MS, RYT

Keya Williams, MS, RYT

Yoga Lifestyle Consultant To Busy Moms

A busy mom of three, wife and Yoga Lifestyle Consultant, Keya knows just how challenging it can be to manage life with a house full of kids and other obligations.  That’s why she is passionate about teaching other busy moms, practical strategies to juggle Life & Kids without burning out, stressing out and becoming a “hot mess” of a woman.  Keya uses her background as a Psychologist and Yoga Teacher to help mothers take excellent care of themselves FIRST, so that they can be excellent moms to their kids.

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