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A Time To Rest – A Mother’s Need for Downtime

We recognize in many areas of life, the need to put down our work at some point and be fully engaged in rest.

We make sure that our children are active, but also have ample opportunities for rest and sleep.

The sacred scriptures throughout the ages even recognize the need for rest. Many religions mandate a Sabbath day for this reason.

But what happens in our own minds?

What happens to a woman the day she becomes a mother that she forgets that SHE actually needs a time to rest as well?

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How I Meditate – The Art of Sitting Still

Let me just say that I love to move. I am constantly doing something. Always on the go. And I love life to be this way. As a matter of fact some people call me a busy-body. (maybe most people that know me would describe me this way).

As I have traveled this spiritual road over the last few years I seem to be hearing the same advice. In order to draw closer to God, there are a few key components: prayer, mediation, study and service.

This has been the advice I’ve gotten from traditional religious settings and from eastern spiritual gurus.

So…..I’m starting to believe there is something to it.

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4 Reasons Moms Should NEVER Exercise Just To Stay Skinny

I confess – I am a fitness junky. The gym is one of my most favorite places to be. I can’t say I love to workout so much as I love to be active and have my body in motion.

I’m not really into weightlifting and boot camp (not that I never partake in such things), but I’m pretty low key amongst my fitness junky peers.

I walk (I don’t care for running) I do yoga and I cycle when I have the time. That’s it.

We all know that exercise is important in maintaining a PHYSICALLY healthy life. So I’m not going to get into the physiological benefits to why I exercise.

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Keya Williams, MS, RYT

Keya Williams, MS, RYT

Yoga Lifestyle Consultant To Busy Moms

A busy mom of three, wife and Yoga Lifestyle Consultant, Keya knows just how challenging it can be to manage life with a house full of kids and other obligations.  That’s why she is passionate about teaching other busy moms, practical strategies to juggle Life & Kids without burning out, stressing out and becoming a “hot mess” of a woman.  Keya uses her background as a Psychologist and Yoga Teacher to help mothers take excellent care of themselves FIRST, so that they can be excellent moms to their kids.