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Recently in one of my yoga classes, I encouraged my students to dare greatly in their practice.

What did I mean?

I meant that I wanted them to try the things (in this case the poses) that they never thought they could do.

One thing that I’m realizing is that we all have the potential for continued growth.  Our hearts, souls and minds are made to grow, evolve and expand.

And how do we evolve?

By daring to do the things we never imagined doing.  By getting use to that all too familiar feeling of fear and anxiety and going for what we want anyway!

The really cool thing about yoga practice is that it enables us to create a “safe” environment on our mats to experiment with the challenges of life.

Physically it’s safe because the mat is cushioned to support our falls.  And even safer if you have a qualified teacher to spot you on our most adventurous attempts.  It’s also psychologically safe in that we are either alone or surrounded by other yogis who are attempting similar things.

This alleviates the fear of ridicule or shame we may feel if we try and fail.

Furthermore, we can use the most challenging yoga asanas as tools to help us get over those fearful feelings. To help us live on the “edge” of our own lives.

The lessons and emotions we face on our mats, prepare us to deal well with the same emotions and lessons that we face in challenging situations in the rest of our lives.

So the next time you’re in yoga class, dare to turn your body upside down (or whatever YOUR most daunting pose is). Even if you flop into the wall or fall on your butt.

In the attempt you will have learned to feel fearful BUT be brave enough to go for what you want anyway.  You will have learned that even when you “fail” you are still OKAY.

And you will walk away more secure, more confident and more empowered in your Life.

How do you dare greatly in your everyday life?  How do you face challenging poses on your mat?

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