I lay on the floor in savasana, corpse pose. This is my yoga practice for the day.

I forego the rigor and the sweat of the sun salutations. I conveniently skip the warriors, lunges and other standing postures. Agni sara and ab work? None for me today thanks. Deeply held stretchy seated poses? No not today.

Today the only asana I’m concerned with, the only asana that’s literally and figuratively calling my name is savasana.

To be like a corpse. What does that mean really? It’s beyond relaxation. It’s beyond anything explicable to living conditions. Because it’s a corpse pose after all.

Lying on my back, legs wide, feet flopped open. I breathe in…. spaciousness. I breathe out….sweet release. I tune my attention to the space between my eyebrows. Third eye chakra. Feeling the sensations. Gentle pulsing.

Now the center of the throat. Soft, vulnerable, expressive vibration. Now right shoulder socket. Breathe. Release.

And on and on I go through the 61 marma points of my relaxation practice. My only asana practice for the day.

Finally I return back to where I started. Space between the two eyebrows. By now my body has softened. Heavy into the floor. My thoughts are way below the surface. Still and timeless. My breath has eased into a fine line. Almost a flatline. I’m at one. I’m in my “place.”

Sometimes what we’re searching for from our asana practice, can’t be found in a downward dog or a flying pigeon. Sometimes the peace, stillness and ease we seek is right here in the lifelessness of a corpse.

Here’s to many many more savasanas mama!


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