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There’s something so settling about understanding divine timing.

I’m a “go getter”. A typical type A person that has to make things happen.  If things aren’t going the way I planned I feel “stuck”, in bondage even.  Can you relate?

Nothing beats that sense of calm and peace when the thing you’ve been wanting to happen just happens.

Of course it doesn’t really just happen.  You don’t just “happen” into a challenging arm balance one day in yoga class.  You don’t just “happen” into owning the business of your dreams either.

You show up everyday. Diligently preparing yourself. Doing the work that leads to the goal but is NOT the goal.

On your mat you do poses that strengthen the muscles in your arms, your chest, your core and your shoulders.  In your business you study marketing and branding, learn about search engines and get your name out there.

You take baby step after baby step and then one day it clicks.

You kick up into that arm balance and BAM you’re there.  You open for business and BAM you have customers.

Divine timing is always perfect. But it takes faith and patience for us to see it.

Even more important than faith and patience, it takes our dedication and DEVOTION to become what we want.

It’s that dedication and devotion that allows us NOT to feel stuck.  The practice and baby steps are really what give us the FREEDOM we are craving in achieving a goal.


Because we know that in devoting ourselves to RIGHT action we are shaping the future into one that will bring us joy!

That’s the thing about devotion.  It pays its rewards in pure inexhaustible FREEDOM!

Be blessed Mamas!

Did you know that a personal yoga practice can help you identify the parts of you that feel stuck?

Send me a message and let’s talk about how you can get “unstuck” in the New Year!