Brahmacary Pratisthayam Virya Labhah =  By one established in continence, vigor is gained.

Most people read this sutra and think it is solely about “chastity”. Meaning abstaining from sex.

However there is a much broader topic Patanjali is getting at here.

Basically he’s teaching the old adage of:


I’m as guilty as anyone at overdoing things?  I regularly over work. I use to over exercise. And more often than I care to admit I over eat.

All of these things are what yoga helps to practice ourselves out of. Yoga says, that there’s nothing WRONG with working, it just becomes a problem when it’s not balanced with leisure time.

Yoga says, that there’s nothing WRONG with exercising (in fact it’s good to move your body) but it becomes a problem when you over work your muscles and don’t give them proper rest.

The big issue with over doing (or over focusing) on one thing, is that it gives you less energy to focus on its complete opposite. This leads us to be imbalanced in our approach to life. And in ayurvedic terms, imbalance is just a synonym for ILLNESS.

So my question to you this week is, where in your life do you feel like you are “over doing it”?  Where can you stand to pull back a little bit and be more “moderate” in your approach? How can you find more balance and more health/vigor by practicing moderation?

Could you use more peace, energy and focus in your mom life?

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