woman readingWhen I meditate, I have a discipline to practice just being. My intention is to become aware of myself. My discipline is that I go and sit down every night. There is nothing more that I expect of myself besides going to sit.

I’m beginning to see this idea of “regular practice” and discipline play out in other areas of my life as well. My discipline not only gets me to my meditation mat, it also gets me to my journal to write and gets me to the gym to work out.

Once I’m there, where I’m “suppose to be”, my discipline gets the pen going or my legs moving on the treadmill. And then the practice begins.

So what if I’m meditating and my thoughts are racing. That’s fine. That’s what thoughts are suppose to do. That’s part of being alive.

So what if the things I write today are absolute garbage! That’s fine too. That’s just part of being a writer.

And so what if I don’t feel like running my fastest or my longest today. That’s fine. Walking is sufficient exercise for anyone.

We all need “spaces” in our lives where we are NOT trying to “achieve” anything. Areas of our lives that we allow whatever happens to happen.

For you this might be your workout time at the gym. Or time with your family. Or homework time with your kids.

The point is NOT that you achieve something while you participate in these activities, but that you had the discipline to show up, and engage in the first place.

So I’m breaking the rule that says you have to be goal oriented EVERY SINGLE second of your life.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t have goals! I certainly have my fair share.

But the STEPS to achieving those goals don’t have to be so focused on the achievement of that goal.

There is something to be said and honored about the discipline to show up to practice a thing.

Every “practice” won’t be wonderful, but the end goal draws nearer and nearer each time you show up and honor your commitment, NOT to perfection, but to engage in the practice.

So isn’t it time to let go of the high expectation that everything you do needs to be perfect?

As always the point is to be kind to yourself in everything you choose to do. Relax your effort a bit and success will naturally come your way.

Are you pushing yourself a wee-bit too hard with your goals?

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