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Remember these words: “Integrate, don’t separate.”

Recently I’ve been teaching these Lunch and Learn workshops to employees of a huge corporation. The workshop is called “The Secret To Work Life Balance”

As a yoga teacher, my job is to teach those super busy, super stressed out professionals how to bring yoga in the workplace to help them be more relaxed and productive. But all this talking about work/life balance has got me thinking about my own life and our lives as moms.

As mothers we have several jobs. Of course there is the work we do for money. But then there is our job as mom, the work we do parenting, disciplining, homeschooling (even if they do go to school we still teach them things at home) and spending time with our children.

There’s our job as housekeeper. Even if we split the household chores or hire a maid there likely still are dishes that need cleaning, meals to prepare and laundry to wash.

Then there’s our jobs as wives, sisters and friends.

You get the point here right?

We wear so many “hats” and play so many roles that we often feel like a circus clown juggling all the disparate components of our lives.

But what I’m realizing as a I think about the balance of my life and my many jobs, is that Life works better when you integrate all your roles into one.

Think about it. Is it easier to juggle one ball (they don’t even call this juggling) or 10?

Remember the definition of yoga?

“Yoga= to yoke together or unite.”

Many of us get all metaphysical on this definition and make the yoking about uniting mind body and spirit. That’s good and necessary for our optimal health.

But if you want to make yoga practical (and I do) then that definition can also be applied to every aspect of our lives. Including the work we do in life.

So we can yoke/unite all the seemingly separate roles we play in life too – right?

That’s actually what my intention was with my yoga business and this Yoga Mamas Facebook group.

The goal was to integrate my life as mom, with my vocation as yoga teacher.

That’s why I chose to serve “yoga” to busy moms. That’s why my students respond so well to my teachings because they are catered to them BY someone who is like them.

And most importantly that’s why I never have to worry about work/life balance.


Because my work and life are one. Are united. Are yoked together.

All of what I do fulfills me and grows me. And isn’t that the sweet spot of life?  Isn’t that a “yogic life”?

What can you go to integrate and unite your life more fully?

Could you use more peace, energy and focus?

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