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Woman overlooking lakeI have to admit that I’m a busy body.  I really just can’t sit still. It drives my husband crazy. It used to drive my granny crazy too.  Apparently it’s a trait I inherited from my busy body mom.

I always feel like there is something new and exciting that I can be doing.  When I’m in the middle of a project (like I have been for the last couple of weeks), I practically obsess over getting it done.  And won’t eat, sleep or sit still until its done.

I really hope that you CAN’T relate to this.

The good part of having this kind of personality is that people like me get an awful lot done.  However people like me often don’t stop until our bodies literally break down and beg us to stop.

That “begging for stopping” can come in the form of our relationships going to pooh, or our literal bodies falling sick with a cold, flu or worse some kind of chronic health condition.

This push push is the reason why I’m recovering from a cold now!

So how do the type A among us find the balance we NEED, but don’t necessarily want to have?

Plan Time For Stillness

Once again mama, nothing gets done unless you make time for it and rest is no different. Schedule in a day or two where you literally turn off your technology and don’t touch it.  Can’t get away for a full day? Then vow to turn off that damn cell phone by 8pm and leave it on airplane mode so no one else can get to you and you won’t be tempted to reply to one more email ding!

Note: I’m notorious bad at this one, but I’m working on it!

Recognize The Early Signs

I’ve gotten better at this one but never will I be perfect. My regular yoga practice actually helps me with this. (If you want a regular yoga practice, you can join me on your mat every Wednesday for FREE.)  When you stop, I mean really stop and just be, you get a chance to notice yourself.

You notice your body and how its feeling.  You notice that subtle itch in your throat that signals the start of a cold.  You notice that subtle tension in your neck that may be the start of a chronic pain.

Picking up the early signs in our lives helps us to intervene early on before the problem gets much worse.  So you’re feeling a little crunchy in the neck? Take a hot bath with Epsom salts.  Do a yin yoga class. Or go get a massage.  The point is, when you catch the coming of something “bad” act now, instead of waiting for a small problem to get worse.

Adopt a “Fuck It” Kinda Attitude

Looky here! Things will work out the way they need to work out no matter what you do.  Sure you can push, plan, and totally over extend yourself.  But that is no guarantee that things are going to work out the way you planned.

The only thing you can do is…..WHAT YOU CAN DO.  And nothing more.  Do the bit that you can do to the best of your ability and then…..fuck it!  It’ll all shake out in the wash!

Okay Your Turn! What 1 Thing Will You Do This Week To BE MORE and DO LESS?