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nature-person-red-womanFrom a yogic perspective everything is energy. Everything we do is energy. It is the cause of all of our intentional and unintentional activity.

Intentionally we use energy to kick a ball and to run on a treadmill. We use it to think of words to write and to comprehend sounds and images that we perceive through our senses.

Unintentionally (but also very necessary) we use energy to keep our hearts beating and our neurons firing in our brains. Our body uses energy to fight infections and to heal wounds.

In the physical world, energy is what keeps us alive.

While energy itself may be infinite (no beginning, no end, only change in form), we in our physical form are limited in the amount of energy we can use.

So how does this relate to our health and our role as moms? And why is it so important to our minds that our bodies stay healthy?

Simply put, since we have limited energy to use, we have to use it wisely.

When we use all of our energy trying to repair an ill physical body, we don’t have much energy left for our minds to take in new information or create new things.

It’s the same principle of Life on a larger scale. If all your energy in life is focused on survival (food and shelter) then there is no energy for inspiration, creativity and higher aspirations.

Taking care of our physical health is our way of meeting our basic survival needs, so that the energy is freed up to focus on more lofty goals.

So how do we care for our physical health?

Give it rest.

Lots of really good things are able to happen when we rest. Our body is no longer using its energy to move and think, so it can dedicate that energy to healing, fighting infections and removing toxins.

This is one reason why we feel so tired and just want to lay down when we are coming down with the Flu. Our body is using its energy to fight the virus, so we must sit down and rest.

Many people fast (which is taking a rest from food) so that the body can use the energy it would ordinarily spend digesting food, to heal and detoxify.

So rest is a critical part of staying healthy.

Eliminate stress.

Think about how you feel when you are anxious. Your heart rate speeds up. Your breathing is shallow and you may sweat.

Your body has to use energy to be in this state of stress.

So being stressed or anxious takes energy away from activities that would create health in the body.

Try to minimize your stress by committing to a regular yoga practice or practicing deep breathing. Give yourself a little time and space on a regular basis to just be and do things that inspire you and make you feel happy.


Yes it takes energy to exercise. BUT this is the kind of activity we WANT to use our energy on.


Because the human body was made to do work. It was made to MOVE.

Up until recent history, simply acquiring food and shelter required us to work our bodies. We had to gather, hunt for or grow our own food. We had to build our homes and maintain them once they were built.

Work use to mean sweating and laboring. For many of us now, work means desk-sitting.

But why is movement important?

The old adage is true, “when you don’t use it you lose it.”

When we are inactive our muscles atrophy making us weaker and even more sedentary.

Simply put, if we don’t exercise, our bodies literally deteriorate!

A deteriorated body DOES NOT equal a happy and fulfilled life.

Eat well

A balanced diet will be different for every one. But there are some simple guidelines to follow in order to achieve healthy eating habits no matter who you are or what stage of life you are in.

The first guideline is – LISTEN to your body and eat when you are hungry and stop when you are almost full.

Pretty simple right? This is the way babies do it. I’m sure we can follow in their tiny footsteps.

The second guideline is – EAT foods as close to nature as possible.

So if we’re eating grains they are whole and most likely naturally brown. Our meats are simply a portion of an animal with nothing else added to it. Preferably organic and raised as the animal would naturally live. And our produce is fresh (preferably organic) seasonal and abundant.

No doubt the bulk of our food should come from the produce aisle. It’s the easiest food to prepare (since you really don’t have to cook it) and packs the most nutrients per bite.

Our food is our energy. It is our fuel to take us through the day.

BUT it is ALSO our medicine. Enzymes, nutrients and antioxidants in food help to heal our cells and detoxify when needed. So eating good healthy food balances our energy equation.

Could you use more peace, energy and focus in your mom life?  

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