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OMG! The holiday season has been a crazy busy ride. From kid’s Holiday concerts at school, to too many parties to bring dishes for, to traveling and not to mention the actual gift buying and wrapping that busy mamas are obligated to do this time of year.

I know it can’t just be me feeling the urge to calm down and settle in just a little bit after this world wind of holiday activity?

Well, the truth is, if you’re a mom (and you know this Truth very well) there is just no rest for the weary.

Life with kids continues to truck on like a train that seems to have no breaks. Holiday season or not, us mamas still have to get up and do our mom thing, while others in the house (dads I’m not mentioning any names) get a pass to hang back in front of the TV! 😊

So what are YOU supposed to do to bring the peace back into your life?

And more importantly WHEN are YOU supposed to find the time to practice a little self-care when you can hardly find time to pee alone without some little person yelling “MOM” in the background.

Sure, you can find time to visit a studio and sneak in a yoga class. But how are you supposed to center yourself the other 23 hours of your day with kids?

Well thankfully I have a couple of tried and true solutions to your “mom sanity” and “not-enough-time” issues that I think you’ll LOVE!

This week only I’m offering my EXCLUSIVE Moms-Only yoga products at a super sweet deal! All so you can experience some much needed calm and peace in your mom life.


Yelp my chart topping, 5-star rated book Secrets of an Energized Mama: How to Use Yoga To Juggle Your Life & Kids Without Burning Out is just $4.99 until Saturday January 6th, 2018!

You’re a yogini so I’m sure you’ve read a yoga book or two, but this book is like none of those – believe me.

As I’ve been teaching and practicing yoga for all of my adult life I realized one HUGE thing about yoga when I became a mom…….that there were no yoga books written specifically for moms, by moms!

Go figure right?

So I wrote one that walks you step by step through the traditional 8-limbed yoga system, showing YOU how to find yogic bliss even in the realistic chaos of motherhood!

Here’s what one busy mom had to say about Secrets of an Energized Mama.

If you are a busy mom who doesn’t think you have time for yoga or to read a book, you need to read this book! Keya Williams provides so much value in Secrets of an Energized Mama. You’ll get practical tips you can incorporate into your everyday life easily. From practical tips like how to save money on groceries to ways to let go of mom guilt and have your kids help out more. You’ll even get access to an online yoga class and inspiration to nurture yourself every day! This is a must read for every mom, practicing yogini or not!”

Annie G.

Ready to kick your mom life into a calmer more mindful gear this year? Head on over here to grab your Kindle copy for only $4.99.


If you’re really serious about becoming and maintaining that calm, focused and energized state in your mom life this year then I encourage you to take your commitment a step further!

I’m sure you’ve heard of meditation before. But have you heard that meditation:

  • IS the reason we roll out our mats to practice those gorgeous poses in the first place.
  • DOES reduce anxiety, overwhelm and stress
  • WILL likely improve your ability to focus, concentrate and be present with your children
  • CAN absolutely fit into even the busiest mom’s life. As a matter of fact many moms feel that a regular meditation practice makes them feel like they have MORE time.

But you’re not sure how to meditate -right?

No worries, my Mamas Meditation Audio Course will teach you everything you need to know about the practice and how to fit it seamlessly into your busy life.

Youtube And iTunes Ain’t Got Nothing On This Course Mama!

More than just teaching you methods and giving you simple guided practices like you can find on Youtube or iTunes, this course will show you how to eliminate the things that keep you off your meditation cushion. You know like the excuses you make for yourself, the minor irritations that feel really big when you’re still and quiet and the physical aches and pains you feel when you sit for too long.

Yelp I’m offering up solutions to ALL of that and then some so that you will not only develop a meditation practice that works for you BUT you’ll also be look forward to plopping your buns down for your practice everyday.

Ready to find your mommy sanity this year?  Click here to get my Mamas Meditation Audio Course for only $47!


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