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Super Mama Multitasker“Yoga”. This thing we love to practice, means “union”. It’s a Sanskirt word that is often translated to the English word “yoke” or to bring together.

So the practice of yoga is our attempt to bring together the seemingly disparate portions of ourselves.

For some of us, this is a spiritual practice, where we are practicing joining together mind, body and spirit.  This has been what it means to me for many years.

But as I reflect on my life right now, I notice that I am at a cross road. And each of us will go through similar cross roads in our lives.

In this moment, I’m at the intersection between “stay-at-home mom”, full-time working mom, homemaker, wife and of course woman.

As moms (and women) we wear so many hats. Play so many roles. Sometimes those roles seem to bump up against one another and don’t play nice.

When our kids are young, the mother role pulls so hard that the woman, wife, worker and everything else roles break down.

As the kids get older, and more independent we have to find ways to “yoke” the various roles we play back into the fullness of who we want to know ourselves to be.

I find that my yoga practice actually helps me do this.

Meditation gives met he space to “listen” to what I desire and where my heart is calling me. Journaling (which is one of my yogic practices of self-study), helps me to sift out how I want to define my self at this point in time (or if I even want to define myself at all).

And of course my asana practice helps me keep my body healthy, flexible and strong so that I can actually go do the things my heart is calling me to do.

I guess what I’m saying is that this life gig is a real journey. And yoga, far beyond the benefits of a physical practice, is a trusted companion and teacher along this winding road we walk.

So here’s to YOU mama! To being fully united. Fully yoked together. And fully ONE with all the various parts of yourself.

Happy new week, mamas!

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