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As I was writing an article for a popular yoga publication the editor asked me to write something that her readers would say “wow, I’ve never heard of that before.”

This sent my over thinking mind on a wild goose chase. I started to look through my yoga books in order to come up with some NEW information I could share with the editor’s community. And then it dawned on me.

Yoga is old. Like a 5000 year old practice. There really is nothing NEW to tell.

What makes yoga so powerful is that it’s been tried, tested and “proven” beneficial over all these years. And the fact that it relies on just a few simple and really “unsexy” principles is what makes the self-care and sanity saving magic happen for us busy moms.

Could you imagine if you had to do some complicated thing every day in the name of yoga? Seriously, how often would that complicated thing get done, in the midst of changing diapers, going to work, and wiping snotty noses?

Ummm… probably never!

Don’t get me wrong, I just love that we have so many options when it comes to our yoga practices. We can choose, yin classes, vinyasa classes, hot yoga, rocket yoga and all kinds of fusion class to cater to our interests and personalities.

All of which exist to draw us closer to ourselves. Whatever that means to us at the moment.

All of the complicated, twisty and down right contortionist postures are there to serve the same purpose: to draw us closer to our selves. To help us see who we are more clearly.

And so I say, why complicate something that is inherently so uncomplicated?

When it comes to yoga your mission is simple. It comes down to practice and non-attachment. That’s it!

Practice =Committing to doing something on a regular basis that takes you closer to your intentions. Your practice may be a full out yoga sequence on your sticky mat. It may be a seated meditation every day. Or it may be treating everyone you meet with kindness no matter what. That is practice. Not so glamorous – right?

Non-Attachment = Letting go of your expectations of how things should be. On the mat, non-attachment often means letting your pose look different from the teachers. Or deciding NOT to do a pose that’s been cued, if it doesn’t suit you at the moment. Off the mat, it might mean allowing your kids to do that annoying thing he does every day that drives you crazy, because you recognize that that’s just who he is right now.

So my love! Head out into this week and do your yoga in whatever way it manifests in your life right now. Keep is simple. Keep it practical. And keep being an #EnergizedMama!