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bird flying purpleLooking back on me

I’m not the girl I use to be

A proud butterfly free from its shell

I’m afraid I don’t know me very well

I walk this path with no man by my side

Consumed by emotions, my feelings I can’t hide

So alone so scared, I fear I may not make it

Blood pressure’s so high my heart can barely take it

This use to be easy, this use to be fun

This journey of mine I thought that I had won

I’m stumbling, falling getting dirty everyday

Scratching, climbing, I thought I found my way

Things change as I change NOTHING remains the same

Take it easy, no stress, this life is just a game

Not to be played carelessly and fickle

A game to enjoy, to laugh and to tickle

Love BIG love hard, but remember the true love of this life

Not children, not friends, not husband or wife

But YOU! ME! I am the love that matters most

This isn’t ego not trying to brag or boast

I’m learning to love me, all of me just because

I have become the woman I never thought I was

Learning to stay anchored in the presence of NOW

Letting go as the past takes an honorable bow

I don’t compare to him, her or me

I’m simply not the girl I use to be.