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According to Psychology Today “Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth.” Plus studies have found that the way you feel about yourself is a powerful predictor of your health and longevity!

So are you as a mom (and one of the busiest people on the planet) taking time to love yourself?

Loving ourselves means that we consciously choose to accept our own beauty AND our own flaws, knowing that all of it is okay and plays a significant role in our growth and personal development.

Remembering ourselves means we set aside time to enjoy the blessings of our lives and to reflect and restore our minds, bodies and spirit.

As women (and mothers) we are socialized to put the needs and care of those we love before our own needs. This is okay sometimes, but most of the time we have to be willing to put ourselves first!


I challenge you to prioritize YOUR needs, YOUR rest, YOUR pleasure and YOUR self-care this Valentine’s Day Weekend!

1st – List at least 5 activities you will do to love yourself this weekend!

2nd – Share them in the comments section below!

3rd – COMMIT to them and ENJOY doing them!

This challenge, if you choose to accept it, will not only help you take care of yourself better, BUT with sound mind and body, help you take better care of the ones you love!

So what will you do this weekend to take care of YOU! Share your TOP 5 Self Love activities that you will COMMIT to this weekend in the comments section.

I’ll Start! Here are my top 5 ways that I will love myself this Valentine’s Day

  1. I will take a long walk in the park
  2. I will eat my favorite dessert for dinner (yes I said FOR dinner!)
  3. I will take a long hot bath with lavender Epsom salts
  4. I will turn up the music and dance and sing out loud!
  5. I will treat myself to a massage

Your Turn!

Share your TOP 5 Self-Love Activities for this Weekend!