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If you’ve gone to enough yoga classes, you’ve probably heard that “we hold our stress in our hips”. Or “its difficult to communicate when your throat chakra is closed.”

And whether you’re a passive yogi or a full out want to know all the things about yoga yogi, your body does, often times hold the answers to your most pressing problems.

I was reminded of this when I stepped on my mat one day to begin my practice. I noticed that my quadriceps were super tight and achy, but I had NO memory or doing any (physical) thing that would have caused the tightness. I hadn’t done squats, lifted anything heavy, nothing.

As I went about the business of stretching my tight thighs, it dawned on me. I had done something to create this tightness. It just wasn’t a physical thing I’d done.

I’d been working towards a goal that I was passionate about. Writing a book about how yoga helps moms manage stress. Creating a mom’s only online meditation course and of course, doing all the marketing things that surrounded that.

In other words, I’d been in such a push forward in life kind of mode, that all of the forward moving assertion had manifested in my thighs.


In yoga, the front of the body indicates a moving forward into the future. The back of the body represents the past.

The fact that the front of my legs were tense, tight and inflexible, was a sure sign to me that my perspective about my future was also tense tight and inflexible.

You see, in reaching for these ambitions book selling and course selling goals, I held the particularly inflexible belief that success had to look a certain way.

That I had to sell “x” number of books to be happy for example. That my daily life had to look “this” way in order for me to have peace.

So in my case my tight quads reminded me to relax into the future. To let go. To allow for the flexibility in life that yoga teaches us to have.

To sink down and open my heart (as we physically do in postures that stretch the quads and the front of the body) to other possibilities for the future that  may serve me better.

So I ask you this week, as you do your mat-based practice to really listen to the deeper story your body may be telling you.

If you need a little help decoding the message I highly recommend Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life”. I find that book invaluable to helping me understand what the different parts of my body are communicating.

Here’s to a mindful and thought provoking week mama!

Xoxo~ Keya

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