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I lost a baby. Not a still birth, but a miscarriage before I got pregnant with my youngest son. If you’ve been through something like this (or something worse) you know this pain. But even in these kinds of situations I knew that I could find answers and comfort by turning to my yoga practice.

Today I want to share a quote from Sri Satchidananda’s translation of the Yoga Sutras about how this spiritual idea of non-attachment, can help us cope with the atrocities of the world.

He writes:

“In reality, nothing is bad in this world. What you enjoy one minute you hate the next. When you are in a good mood your children may come and play with you. But when you are in a terrible mood, you say ‘Get out. Don’t disturb me.’ Real pleasure comes from detaching ourselves completely from the entire world.”

I’ll admit that at first reading this (and I highlighted this passage years ago), I was offended.  I couldn’t understand how someone could advise us to DETACH from the world as if we have  no stake in the game.

We’ve all had children here and that’s immediately where my mind went when I read this. But I can’t detach from my children or my husband. We’re in this together. Their joy is my joy. Their pain is my pain. How dare he!!!!

But as years have passed, and shit has continued to hit the fan both globally and in my personal life, I’m slowly realizing the wisdom of this Sutra.

It’s not about being cold, or aloof. It’s not even about being uncaring.

Its recognizing that all things are the way they are for good reason. And maybe that reason is for us to get mad enough and sick enough about it to get up and do something about it! Maybe that reason is for us to have compassion for the ones doing the “bad” things. Maybe it’s for us to see ourselves in all of the situations that we deem so bad.

I don’t know for sure. But I do know that the farther I step back and observe the chaos, the more perspective I have. And the more perspective I have the more I can see what I can and should be doing to create the world I’d love for my kids to grow up in.

Most of us are moms, partners, employees business owners. We’re not Oprah Winfrey or the President. So we often don’t think we have the power to create massive change in our world or even in our individual lives.

But what this passage has shown me, is that whatever you’d like to create, be it globally or individually, it starts with you accepting ALL the things. All the so called good and all the so called bad. Because in the end, it can all be used in service of the good you hope to see.

So if you’re going through a rough patch now. If you’re disheartened by the world. Lift your chin. Be the example of acceptance for your children. And step forward knowing the true meaning of the words “All things serve me.”

Here’s to a beautiful week Mamas!

Xoxo Keya

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