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Body Image IssuesMy brother texted me the other day to tell me a conversation he had with his daughter who is three years old.

The conversation went something like this:

Niece: Daddy can I have another doughnut?

Brother: No baby eating too many doughnuts makes you fat.

Niece: Are some people fat?

Brother: It’s not nice to call people fat baby.

Niece: Grandma calls herself fat all the time!

My brother and I laughed at this little conversation which was a completely accurate depiction of our mother. My mother does call herself fat all the time.  As a matter of fact, as far as I can remember, she has ALWAYS called herself fat and has ALWAYS had just ten more pounds to lose.

Growing up I saw a mother whose self body image did not quite match what everyone else saw.

You see even at 62 years old my mother dances three times a week, takes yoga and pilates classes at her gym and walks on the treadmill.  She does all of these things regularly and still wears a size 8 dress!

You wouldn’t think that a woman like this would have a body image issue.

As women, we often internalize the opinion about our bodies that we see from our moms and from the media!  I know this was true for me! It wasn’t until after I had my third child that I started to view my body as the vehicle I use to do my work here on Earth, instead of some pretty object to be admired.

To get to this point of body image acceptance I had to change some of my deepest thoughts and beliefs!  Here are 5 of those thoughts that I changed and can help you get rid of your body image issues.

1.  Accept that the body you have RIGHT NOW is the body you’re suppose to have.

This is often a very difficult idea to accept, especially when you aren’t excited with what you see in the mirror.  But this is the simple truth of the matter. When we can accept a “thing” then we can change that thing.

2.  Understand that the body you have RIGHT NOW is just for RIGHT NOW.

And this too shall pass, is what I’m trying to say.  So you think you’re too skinny or too fat?  It doesn’t always have to be that way.

3.  Realize that you may be trying to live up to someone else’s standards of beauty.

Have you ever  felt like after you had a baby you had to be the exact same size as you were BEFORE you had the baby?  Do you feel pressured to be the same size you were in High School?

This is crazy pants thinking girls!  Our bodies are meant to change as we mature!  And “different” and maybe even slightly curvier is not necessarily BAD! Give yourself permission to love ALL your curves and ALL your edges.

4.  Value your body for what it DOES rather than for what it looks like.

I bet your body is strong! It has carried healthy babies to term.  It mops floors and does laundry.  It works hard everyday. And it doesn’t immediately fall apart when you eat too many doughnuts!

And yet for all that you put your body through it continues to serve you  faithfully.

Now that’s a “ride or die” chick!

5. Understand that your younger Self and your present Self are different people.

Sometimes we are more than willing to accept the fact that  our older Selves are more accomplished, independent, loving and generous than our younger selves. But we won’t accept that our older self is physically softer, rounder and “plushier.”

I think its high time for all of us moms to love ourselves fully and completely.  After all, if we can’t then no one else can either!

Has your body image changed since having kids? Share in the Comments Below!

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