thinking-womanHi, my name is Keya and I am a recovering perfectionist.

Are you one too?

Up until very recently I truly believed that when I attempted to do something that I should be able to accomplish it in very short order.

Yes, I love immediate gratification. Who doesn’t?

It didn’t matter what the goal was. Whether it be starting a family, building a business or nailing a challenging yoga posture I really believed that the path towards that goal should continue in an upward, stair step kinda progression.

But the truth of life is (and the Yoga Sutras remind us of this in book 3 verse 6) that practice is to be accomplished in stages.

“Tasya bhumisu viniyogah = Its practice is to be accomplished in stages”

What that has come to mean for me is that while you are working toward a goal,

Expect there to be delays.

Expect there to be some steps backwards.

Expect there to be some stalls in your progression.

So just because you had a great month in your yoga business in January doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have even more clients and even more income in February.

Just because you got your infant to sleep through the night last night, doesn’t mean that she won’t wake up 4 times tonight.

Or just because you nailed that handstand for a full 5 breaths today, doesn’t mean that tomorrow your handstand practice will yield the same results.

And guess what mama?  THAT’S OKAY.

Each stage on the road to our goals is meaningful. It’s something we can learn from. It’s something that ultimately prepares us to be stronger, wiser and more fully present when we reach our end goal.

I guess what I’m saying today is EMBRACE each stage of your growth. Embrace each step of the process for the value that it offers you in being your best version of yourself.

Hugs to you mama!

xoxo Keya

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