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yoga class balasanaYoga classes are super popular now and also a great way to get in shape, tone up your body, increase your flexibility, decrease your stress and even lose weight.

But I have to tell you, as a Registered Yoga Teacher and a practicing yogini for over 15 years, yoga class is not necessarily the place to be if you have specific goals you want to accomplish.

What do I mean?

Well let’s say you’re a new mom and you want to lose the extra baby weight and you’re having a hard time finding a yoga class that fits your schedule AND that has child care to watch your newborn while you practice.

In that case, yoga class may not be the way to go!  This was just the case with my client Tameka after she had her baby boy! You can read about how Custom Yoga Practices helped her here!

As another example, let’s say you pulled a muscle and need help healing that injury and you just can’t keep up with all the postures and speed of a group yoga class.

In that case, yoga class may not be the way to go!  My client Pat found herself in this predicament when she injured her hip flexor. See how private yoga helped her get back on her feet again!

Don’t get me wrong here, I’ve been teaching group yoga classes for over 8 years and I love it and know there are wonderful benefits, but sometimes you just need that one on one attention to boost you in the right direction.

Most yoga practitioners think private yoga sessions are simply group classes only with one person!  And that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

There are several benefits that are specific to private yoga instruction and here are just 6 of them:

  1. In a private yoga class you get customized practices to help you meet your fitness and wellness goals faster!

Sure you can certainly progress in a group yoga class, however you won’t get nearly as much teacher attention and in a class, you’ll be practicing poses that cater to you AND the other 20 folks there with you.

Just like you would use a personal trainer to help you get fit faster, private yoga sessions help you meet your fitness and other wellness goals quicker too!

  1. In a private yoga class you get a professionally trained teacher to support you in making lifestyle changes that lead to your success.

Here’s the thing about yoga!  It’s a PRACTICE.  Yelp, we teachers just don’t like to use that word for the heck of it.

Practice means, that you are committed to continuously work at it.  Practice means that you don’t just show up on your private session days and then forget all about the things you learned for the rest of the week.

But here’s the important thing!

Practice is what helps you make those critical lifestyle changes (like consciously breathing when you’re stressed or meditating daily to keep your stress and blood pressure in check) that make your wellness goals that much more attainable!

And that’s what a private yoga teacher will help you do. Keep you accountable, support you and motivate you towards your goals. 

One of the ways that I support my private yoga clients is by inviting them to become a part of my international online community of Yoga Mamas on Facebook.  You can join that group here!

  1. In a private yoga class you get a HOLISTIC approach to improving your overall wellness.

Instead of simply focusing on your physical body (eating right and exercising right) private yoga focuses on taking care of ALL of you so that you can be “wholey” healthy.

What does that mean exactly?

It means that yes, your private yoga teacher will give you poses to strengthen your muscles and make you more flexible.  She will also give you some advice about what to eat and when to eat it.

But …..A private yoga teacher incorporates stress management practices, such as meditation, mantra and deep breathing. As self-study is a huge component to yoga, your teacher will help you to understand your emotional triggers and provide you with strategies to better cope with them.

Sure private yoga is a great way to help you be physically fit, but it is also a great tool to help keep you mentally and emotionally fit as well.

  1. In a private yoga class you learn ways to decrease your stress, increase your energy and improve your focus!

Yes in deed! Most of us could use a little stress reduction and energy boost every now and then.  (Maybe every day).  And your private yoga teacher is trained to give you poses and practices that either stimulate your nervous system, (giving you more energy), or calm your nervous system (making you feel at ease).

This is really challenging to get in a group yoga setting because on any given day there are bound to be some students needing an energy boost and others who just need to relax!

  1. In a private yoga class you get convenience!

You know how it goes with group classes.  You have to show up when the class is scheduled. And that’s fine, if you have a ton of free time and can take a yoga class anytime you want.

However that’s not the case for many of us!

With a private session, the only other person you have to coordinate your class time with is your yoga teacher (and not 20 other yoga students).

That means, you can schedule yoga at a time that fits better into your schedule.

Plus, because you are the only student, you can meet with your private yoga teacher at a variety of locations.

Your home, office or at a formal yoga studio or fitness center.

  1. In a private yoga class you get a gentle non-pharmaceutical approach to pain relief!

Pain affects us all in some way or form.  Maybe you are recovering from an injury. Or maybe you have a chronic condition that is painful.

Because yoga helps you to reduce your stress and reduce inflammation, many students find that their experience of pain is lessened after taking a yoga class.

If you’re in a group yoga class, it’s really hard for that teacher to focus on your pain experience if she has several other students to attend to. But with a private yoga session, all eyes are on you, which means you get taken care of in a gentle way to help you breathe and stretch your pain away.

The bottom line is, private yoga is a great resource for a LOT of reasons. But it’s not the answer for everyone.  If you’ve been thinking about taking up yoga want to see if private instruction will work for you click here to learn more about taking private yoga session with me check out my FAQ page to learn more!

If you are ready to take the leap and set up your first private yoga session, just click here to schedule your Free Initial Custom Yoga Consultation and we can talk about your needs and goals in yoga!