My husband loves to watch reality pawn store shows.  Pawn Stars on the History Channel is his favorite of the sort.  I actually like this show for the historical facts I learn about each item brought into the store.

But my husband also likes to watch the OTHER pawn store shows, like Hard Core Pawn.

This show, on the other hand, features a bunch of pawn store owners whose shop is (most likely) located in a poor neighborhood in Detroit.  The people that come into the shop to do business often insult the workers.  And the owners of the shop often greedily try to get as much money out of a sale as they can (no matter how unfair the transaction is).

In other words, this show and other reality shows of the sort, feature the absolute lowest common denominator of our society.

The disrespectful, the shameless and the greedy.

While the show doesn’t intentionally “glamorize” these people, it does give the American public a vehicle to peek into the lives of this population.

And we, as a culture, LOVE it. We love to see people make fools of themselves on TV. We love to see people fight on TV, whether it’s a reality show or an organized boxing match.  We love to see this craziness.  Even though many of the people that watch these shows would be horrified if the same people they watched on TV lived next door to them.

I just wonder. Does exposure to all this gossip and slander negatively affect us?

That is to say are there spiritual effects of negativity that we are exposed to each and every day?

I don’t watch the nightly news for just this reason.  I literally tune in at 11:15 just to catch the weather and then turn it off.

I don’t like to see blood and guts, shoot em’ up movies.  I don’t like to watch people fight.  I use to have a stomach for this kind of violence and craziness.

But now…….well the movies and TV shows are too much like REAL life.  Because they ARE real life!

I could make so much better use of my time focusing on the things that make me happy. Focusing on the things that will bring joy and peace and blessings in my life and in others lives.

So for me at least, I just have little to no tolerance for the craziness and negativity.


Because, in down to Earth terms – it brings my mood down.

In spiritual terms –in lowers my vibratory frequency.

Watching these violent and negative shows throw me into fear and anxiety mode. I can always rely on the nightly news to try to get me to worry about something.  Be it the swine flu, a sexual predator or the latest serial killer on the loose.

These kinds of shows make me forget (even if only for a minute) who I am.  I am an emanation of God. Divinely provided for and protected.  We ALL are.  What’s the swine flu and serial killer got to do with our happiness?

Quite honestly I could easily fall into a state of depression and despair if I immersed myself in the reality that is our television programming these days. So I simply OPT OUT.

What do you think? Are there spiritual effects of the negativity we expose ourselves to?

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