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I was in a really shitty mood this past weekend.  You know those days where nothing really happened to make your outlook so bleak, but nonetheless you just aren’t feeling yourself.

Granted we all have those days and they’re just a part of Life. But as I’ve grown in my yoga practice and maybe just grown up – period – I recognize those “off” days as opportunities for growth and evolution.

You see nothing in nature (and we are a part of nature) grows or evolves without first there being some challenge.

Think about a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. What many don’t know is that as the new butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, it MUST “struggle” and flex its wings against the hard shell of the cocoon to get out.


Because in this “struggle” its wings gain the strength they need to later carry the insect into flight.

The same is true in our lives.


I think this is why in yoga we are asked to “take a comfortable seat.”

This cue is more than just something we teachers say when its time to sit for centering or meditation. As the word “Asana” actually means to take a comfortable seat.

So in every asana (yoga posture) be it easy pose or hand stand, we are attempting to find a certain degree of comfort in our discomfort. A certain degree of peace in our struggle.

Taken off the mat, even when we have a “shitty” day, we can still do our best to find the peace, the stillness and the comfort, even (and especially) in the midst of our struggle.

Let’s make it a super comfortable week mamas!

Xoxo~ Keya

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