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sleeping redhead with feathersI don’t know about you, but when I wake up in the morning I hit the ground running! Before I even have a chance to brush my own teeth, I have gotten children out the bed, laid out school clothes, put breakfast on the table and packed a couple of lunches. And the sun hasn’t even come up!

Can you relate to this?

As mothers, we tend to run around doing for others CONSTANTLY!

But REST is much more important than most of us crazy, busy moms realize?

I think there are good reasons why religions require a Sabbath from normal life and why the final pose of yoga class is “corpse” pose.

Our bodies (and minds) are not meant to be “turned on” ALL. THE. TIME.

But why rest? I can rest when I die (at least that’s what P. Diddy is quoted as saying).

We rest because our STRENGTH actually comes from the rest NOT the doing.

For instance, if we lift weights for an hour, in that time of lifting our muscles have not gotten any stronger. It’s only when we stop and rest for a couple of days, that our muscle tissues break down and then build back up making us stronger.

In other words, the REST is what enables us to get stronger!

The same principle applies for the other areas of our lives too.  We need rest to stay mentally focused, to heal from illness and to process emotions.

Taking deliberate resting time gives us an opportunity to reflect, rejuvenate and rebuild.

All things that are necessary for us to be well-balance and healthy beings.

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