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There are no rulesAh, if only motherhood came with a how-to manual, life with kids would be so much easier!  But it doesn’t ladies, so let’s just get our heads out of the clouds and come back to reality!

I’m really starting to think that there are no rules in this mommy business.  That we moms are just making this stuff up as we go along.

Can you imagine how your life would be if you didn’t place rules and judgment on yourself and others? If you let yourself make the mistakes that ALL moms make at some point in time?

Would there be chaos?  Or would peace prevail?

I’m not so sure what the answer to this question is.

On the one hand, we read all these parenting books and read blogs about how to be a good mom and how to balance being a good mom with the rest of your life. (Thanks for reading by the way!)

On the other hand we know that nobody else can really tell us how to be the kind of mother we want to be. We all parent differently. We all have children with different needs and personalities that we have to adjust our parenting too.  We (as moms) also have different needs that we have to find ways to get them met.

I think its safe to say that in general we all want the same basic things for our kids.  We want them to be happy, healthy and self-sufficient when they become adults – right?

So I’m laying out my own (made up) rules for motherhood.

1. You CAN do this! You’ll make mistakes and that all good.  Just promise yourself and your kiddos that you’ll learn from them.  Kids are really resilient.

2. You CAN’T give up the fight?  Well give up the senseless arguments with your toddler about eating one more piece of candy, but don’t give on your mission to be a great mom!

3.You MUST try your absolute best to be your version of an “ideal mom”.  Kids certainly recognize a parent that is trying and appreciate it.  I know I sure did as a kid.

4.  You SHOULD cut yourself some slack.  Nobody (not even mothers) are perfect nor were we created to be. Its all a game of trial and error anyway. So hustle through the bumps in the road with your head down and cruise through the good times with a smile!

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