OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. You grab your reusable grocery bags and manage to head out to the grocery store alone! You’ve vowed that this was the week you would start buying all organic food and you are ready with your shopping list in hand to score great deals on all that delicious organic produce.

You get to the store, grab your shopping cart and head straight for the produce department. You pick up a lovely red organic apple and just before you place it in the produce bag you check out the price.

$3.99 a pound! SERIOUSLY! You know you could easily buy double the amount of conventionally grown apples for the same price.

You head over to the greens in hopes that their prices will be different. After all they ARE in season. $5.99 for a pound of organic baby spinach! WTH! You’re thinking this is highway robbery!

Yeah, I get it! Organic food is expensive. But you absolutely CAN do something about it!

Here are the two important things I had to do in order to afford organic foods for my family.

Change the way you think about your food budget.

Here is the thing, when you buy and eat healthy foods your body is healthier! That means you get sick from common germs like colds less, you have less continuous illnesses like heart disease and you have more energy!

That also means that you don’t spend as much money on over the counter medications like cough syrup. You don’t spend as much money on prescription medications like those for high blood pressure. And you don’t miss as much time from work (and therefore miss out on income) because you have enough energy to do the things you need to do.

What I’m saying is: Eating healthy and organic SAVES you money that you would end up spending on medications, doctors appointments and time off work if you weren’t taking care of yourself (and your family) properly!

Focus on strategy NOT item cost!

You know the old saying that if you don’t have a plan then you’re planning to fail? Well this is equally true when it comes to buying healthy organic foods. Buying cheaper food is not really going to get that grocery bill to go down. But a simple shopping strategy will!

If you just walk into a grocery store and throw things in your cart every week, I can bet a lot of that food doesn’t gets cooked and goes to waste! So you may have gotten a good deal on those apples at the register, but you lost money if you didn’t actually eat them!

So for instance, I buy almost all organic foods. BUT I have a plan for every single thing I put in my cart. Which means, that while I may pay a premium for my good eats, I’m not wasting it.

As a matter of fact, the United States Department of Agriculture found that the average American family of 4 spends $652.50 per month on groceries. And that’s for what they call a THRIFTY food plan that’s NOT organic!

I, on the other hand, consistently feed my family of 5, mostly organic food, for less than that!

See, a little shift in perspective changes a LOT! And a little pre-planning can actually help you comfortably afford the food you deserve to buy for your family.

Want more tried and true money saving strategies for buying organic?

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