angry fistFUCK SAMADHI!

Does that sound harsh? Let me explain….

This is NOT one of those hateful, “I’m sick of stuff” kinda posts. But it’s a true confession from me to you.

According to the Yoga Sutras Samadhi is the goal of yoga.  Not sure what that is?

Samadhi = bliss/at-one-ment/enlightenment.

Now I have to confess that in all my 15 plus years of practicing yoga I have NEVER been interested in obtaining enlightenment.

It all just seemed so “out of reach”, unnecessary and impractical. And if nothing else I am a practical kinda girl.

I’ve always gotten on my mat, breathed thru 1 nostril at a time, or sat crossed legged on the floor until my feet fell asleep for ONE REASON ONLY!

To find EASE…..

Yelp there is nothing “sexy” about finding ease.  It doesn’t feel like tingles all over your body.  It doesn’t make you feel like you’re floating on air.  It doesn’t spontaneously allow you to see auras!

It’s just ease.

Ease is living this crazy life, with crunchy floors, piles of laundry and kids screaming at each other to “STOP TOUCHING ME!” without screaming back in exasperation!

Ease is being in the middle of all that chaos and not losing your shit!

Ease is being not only okay with, but embracing, the newest stretch mark and patch of cellulite you saw in the mirror.

Ease is feeling fully all the emotions that come, be it frustration, rage, sadness or love without falling apart or losing yourself.

So for us yoga mamas, may we redefine Samadhi for our own purposes?

Samadhi = finding ease and peace with every variant that Life throws our way. Standing in it. Being empowered and stronger in the end!

I’ll drink to that!  Have a wonderful EASE-FILLED week beautiful mamas!

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