Keya’s Local Yoga Class Schedule

All yoga classes are open to the public. No membership required. Onsite child care is available for $2/child for two hours.

Current Yoga Schedule

Grab a paper copy of the current yoga schedule and share it with a friend or two! Click below to get a downloadable paper copy!

Gentle Vinyasa

A calm and gentle approach to the traditional flow class. Stretch your muscles, breathe through tension and strengthen the areas that support you most.



Flying Hills Fitness Center

201 Love Road. Reading, PA

Yoga For Fitness

Get your body moving and work up a sweat in this challenging practice. This class is designed to keep your body moving, while you strengthen all the major muscles of the body. Try new “challenge” postures and push your physical and mental boundaries.

Thursday 9:30-10:30am

Colonial Fitness Center

172 Shillington Road. Sinking Springs, PA

Multi-Level Flow

Coordinate your breath with your movement as you stretch, tone and work up a sweat. This class is designed to keep the body moving leaving you feeling calm yet energized.



Flying Hills Fitness Center

201 Love Road. Reading, PA


Beginner Friendly Hatha

Come back to the basics to refine your practice and improve your alignment.  Perfect for new and well practiced students alike. Designed to strengthen, stretch and tone your whole body, while using the breath to bring a sense of calm and relaxation.



Colonial Fitness Center

172 Shillington Road. Sinking Springs, PA

Stretch & Relax

Because you can’t ALWAYS be on the “go”, take a much needed time out to stretch, breathe and BE. This class is designed to relieve muscular tension and bring a sense of calm and relaxation to the body and mind.





Colonial Fitness Center

172 Shillington Road. Sinking Springs, PA

Yoga Class Pricing

5-Class Trial Pass

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  • New Students Only

Private Yoga Is Available At Colonial & Flying Hills

Keya Lotus for leadpagesAre you new to yoga and want extra attention to learn your down dog from your up dog?

Or, Are you a long term practitioner but want to deepen your practice to get the MOST benefit and push your limits?

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned yogi private yoga sessions can help you:

  • Improve your alignment for a safer practice
  • Get to your fitness, weight loss and wellness goals faster
  • Reduce and manage the everyday stress that leaves you feeling burned out and overwhelmed.

Want to learn more about the benefits and details of private yoga sessions with me?

Click here to visit my Private Yoga FAQ Page!

My Yoga Philosophy 

  • Yoga should be catered to each individual mom.
  • Every mom should feel comfortable in her body always..
  • Yoga practice should fit seamlessly into your busy day
  • Every mom deserves support
  • Your yoga practice should change as you change
  • Every mom should know how yoga can improve EVERY area of her life
  • Motherhood should NOT hinder your self-care

Learn more about how you can use yoga practices to juggle your busy life with kids!