Feel At Ease As You Juggle All Those Things On Your To-Do List!

Here’s the thing!  I’m a mom too so I know that your mommy “must-do” list is crazy long. I know you gotta cook. You gotta chauffeur the kids to school, ballet class, and soccer practice.

But you know what else you must do?

Take care of Y-O-U. Because if you’re not feeling your best, you can’t give your kids the best of you.

So it’s time. Time to dial a sitter and tell your hubby mommy’s going on a “I-can’t-wait-to-exhale” get-a-way with Keya Williams, registered yoga teacher and yoga lifestyle consultant to busy moms everywhere….

Keep scrolling to get the details on how you can become a more patient, vibrant and stress-free mama!

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient wellness system that has been keeping humans physically fit, mentally focused and emotionally “low” stress for thousands of years….And now you can feel that way too! Yes even if your a mom!

Who Is This Workshop For?

If you are….

A busy mom with young children who is constantly on the go YET never seem to find time to take as good of care of yourself as you do your family.

A mom who gives, gives, and gives some more and needs to find practical ways to “fill” your own cup before you completely burn out.

A mother who is feeling resentful, stressed out and overwhelmed with never getting everything done on your to-do list!

If you nodded your head “yes” to the above sentences then this workshop is for YOU! 


Tuesday May 29, 2018

Breast Cancer Support Services of Berks County
529 Reading Avenue, Suite C
West Reading, PA  19611

This is a FREE event open to any woman who is a breast cancer survivor. Email to RSVP by Monday 5/28.

This workshop is specifically designed to teach busy moms, like you, how to use yoga (asana, pranayama and mantra) to juggle life & kids without burning out and stressing out!

Here’s What You’ll Learn In 2 Hours

1. How to use specific yoga poses to calm your nervous system so that you feel relaxed, refreshed and ready for your next round of mommy duties.

2. How to use yogic breathing techniques to increase your energy when you need it (helping you avoid that midday coffee or candy break) and avoiding the late evening sugar crash of irritability and sluggishness!

3. How to use other yogic breathing techniques to decrease your anxiety and worry allowing you to feel “light” and present for the important things in your life.

4. You’ll develop your own personal mantra to calm the negative thoughts that keep you from feeling your happiest and replace them with affirmative thoughts that uplift and inspire you to be your best you!

5. Create your own Yoga Lifesavers routine to practice anytime, anywhere stress hits. Making your confident in your ability to stay level headed and in control of your moods.

About The Workshop Host

keya gomukasana mat paint editMy name is Keya Williams. I am a wife, mother of 3 crazy kids and a Yoga Lifestyle Consultant.

I know from first hand experience that life as mom is the most rewarding role that most of us will play in life. But this gig is not without its challenges!

My mission is to teach busy moms like you (and me) how to use yoga as a tool to juggle our busy lives and kids without burning out and stressing out.

The idea is simple really!

We can’t be amazing mothers to our children if we aren’t FIRST amazing care-givers to ourselves.  And yoga is an amazingly simple, practical and effective self-care tool.

This workshop is designed to teach you personal and reliable yoga tools to make you the most calm, patient, present and resourceful mom you can be!

Are you a yoga studio owner or organizer of a women/motherhood focused wellness organization? I’m happy to bring this signature workshop to you! Simply complete the form below to learn more!

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