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An excuse a day keeps your dreams awayI have politely excusing myself from my 5:30am asana practice lately as I began teaching more classes.  I tell myself that I’m going to record a class or two today so that will be my yoga session for myself.  Or I deserve to sleep in just 30 more minutes because I stayed up late working on something.

At first I didn’t notice much difference in my emotions and mental capacity.  That is until just this week.

I’m just not as clear and focused. I’ve been forgetting things, (like showing up to my son’s preschool for a special event). I’ve been more irritable.  And just not present.

You know all the things I tell my students NOT to do.  But hey balls get dropped sometimes – right?

My excuses for NOT practicing have been keeping me from experiencing the kind of joyful, fulfilled life that I want to have.

See my asana practice is not just about exercise (although that is a part of it) it’s the place I where I meet myself.  Where I get to listen to me and know what I want from a soul level.  Its where I receive what I call Divine insight.

And I’ve been missing out on a lot of this. Consequently I feel stalled and therefore frustrated and therefore irritable.

See how it all just snow balls?  So its time for me to re-commit to my tapas (my disciplines). Even if it is still dark outside when I get up to do them.

Because there are no excuses for keeping my dreams away.

How do you motivate yourself to commit to your yoga practice?