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In yoga we talk a LOT about practice. We know intuitively that when we practice something, whether it’s our footwork on the soccer field, an instrument or a yoga pose we will see improvement.

But often as busy moms and grown-ups we neglect to practice the things we use to be so good a practicing.

Things like PLAY!

Yes play! Why can’t play be a practice?  In fact I think that it should be.

Practice at its core is all about making time for something important to us. Making space in our schedule to focus on it. So why shouldn’t we make time for play, and joy and pleasure in our lives?

Even if that play and pleasure is achieved by sipping on a cup of iced coffee while you wait in car line to pick up your kids from school!

(yeah, that’s what I have to do sometimes)

But I’m here to encourage you to practice taking care of yourself in whatever way it feels good to you. Because when you do, you’ll be so unstoppable. And so bad-ass that your girlfriends will wonder what you’re secret is!

Need some ideas for play?

  1. Go actually swing on a swing at the playground (with or without your kids)
  2. Roll down a hill and don’t worry about the grass stains
  3. Play with your yoga sequence. Seriously yoga should fill you will joy not be stuffy
  4. Jump on the or a trampoline
  5. Dance party around the house just because

Soooo, dear yoga mama, here’s to a playfully FUN week!


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