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Every Mother Deserves To Take Care Of Herself – Period!

Why? Because, taking care of ourselves makes us happier and healthier moms.

This is the Nourished Motherhood mission!

To teach moms practical yoga-based tools to take good care of themselves so they can be the best moms they can be!

About The Yoga Teacher

My name is Keya Williams and I am a busy mom of three gorgeous children who sometimes make me want to pull my hair out.  I’m also happily married to the love of my life and I’m a Yoga Lifestyle Consultant.

Over the years of raising kids and running a business I’ve struggled with many of the same issues that most modern moms face.

You know, having so much on your plate that you barely have time to breathe let alone commit to self-care. Ten years ago I was sleep deprived, burned out and overwhelmed almost all the time.

I’m sure you can relate to some of these feelings. BUT that’s not what we’re here to talk about.

You’re here because you want to find a way out! And my story as mom is one of overcoming the busy-ness, the fatigue, the stress and the burnout.

Enter Yoga

I found my relief from a source that seemed super unlikely at the time. My YOGA practice.

Although I had been taking yoga classes for many years before having kids, it was through my teaching and practicing ALL of the aspects of yoga (not just the postures on my mat), that taught me how to create more calm, more peace and when I needed it more energy to do all the things that us mamas have to do – with EASE.

And these yoga practices are just what I’d like to teach you so that you can find freedom from the grind that keeps you in stress and overwhelm.

My Yoga Philosophy

Around here yoga is much more than postures on a mat a couple of times a week.  It’s a lifestyle. One that brings balance, peace and joy to your life!

I believe:

Yoga should be catered to each individual mom.

Whether you take a private session with me or come in for a trial package of group classes, yoga should be a personalized experience.

Every mom should feel comfortable in her body always..

BUT especially when she steps into a yoga class. My classes are NOT about how “beautiful” your postures are, but about how your expression of each pose FEELS to you!

Yoga practice should fit seamlessly into your busy day.

While attending a class is an ideal way to learn and practice I know that leaving the house is not always convenient for busy moms. That’s why I’ve created digital yoga practices you can stream or download at times that actually work for you.

Every mom deserves support

Life is better and health goals are reached faster when we are supported. That’s why I’ve created an online community of hundreds of women around the world to inspire, motivate and educate each other in this journey of life, motherhood and yoga.

Your yoga practice should change as you change

As you continue to practice you get stronger, more flexible, more focused and more patient. So it only makes sense that your practice advances as you do. That’s why each week my students receive free yoga tutorial videos to help them better understand the subtleties of each yoga practice so they can continue to grow.

Every mom should know that yoga can improve EVERY area of her life.

Yes yoga can absolutely improve your body, but it also can improve your overall life as mom. There are so many “off the mat” yoga practices that make you more patient, more calm and more present with your family and my weekly blog posts are available to take you deeper into your “off the mat” practices.

Motherhood should NOT hinder your self-care.

The bottom line is, there is no way you can take great care of anyone if you are not taking great care of yourself.  But as a mom it’s often challenging to get time away from the kids to take care of you!  I don’t think that’s fair. That’s why onsite child care is available at all of my regularly scheduled local yoga classes.

The bottom line is this mama!

You Deserve A Fantabulous Mom Life, filled with joy, peace and balance. And Nourished Motherhood is here to offer you the yoga tools you need to live that ease-filled, fulfilling life.

Thanks for stopping by my site. And I look forward to connecting with you more!


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