There is a word that is used in yoga so often and it is so important but yet we often hear the word and don’t really consider the depth of its meaning.

What word is this?

Finding alignment is critical in both the physical and mental/emotional aspects of a yoga practice.

When we are in physical alignment, meaning our bones are lined up the right way, then our muscles get the most stretch and/or strengthening when we’re in a posture.

When our bones are not lined up properly we can do a pose as much as we want and still never experience the benefit.

On a more subtle level, when we are in alignment, meaning our intention is pure and clear, it’s much easier to work towards our goals.

That’s why identifying WHY you come to your mat is super important for you to stay in alignment and getting the most out of your experience.

So if your intent is to relieve the stress of the week, you’ll probably approach each posture of your practice with a little less physical intensity and put more emphasis on your breath.

Whereas if your intent is to improve your fitness you may well take a completely different approach!

Being in alignment also helps us in many ways in our everyday life too! Ask yourself, what is your intention for trick or treating with the kids, washing the dishes, reading a book…whatever it is.

Once you know why you’re doing something then you free yourself up to act in ways that are in keeping with that intention, thus creating more depth and “benefit” to your life!

This is one of the main reason I always ask me students to set an intention at the beginning of class. Its also why an Intention Setting Meditation is included in my signature digital course The Weekend Recharge Program. (You can learn more about that here à

How do you find your alignment both on and off the mat?  Share your secrets in the comments below!

Here’s to an aligned and well intended week mamas!


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