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So Grateful For The Clients & Students I Get To Work With!

I highly recommend the Yoga Mama’s Weekend Recharge program! I loved the guided meditation and intention setting components. In addition, the 45-minute yoga practice was relaxing and challenging at the same time. What’s unique about this program is that you don’t just get the relaxation, intention, or yoga practice, you get a game plan to actually make it happen from a mom who knows just how challenging it can be to find time for yourself as a busy mom. The workbook provides practical steps to make feeling recharged a reality! I thought this program was a great value, especially since you can use the materials over and over again!

Annie G.

Busy Mom & Fitness Coach

I loved the entire [Yoga For Detoxification] experience. I did not know it would be this intense however, I enjoy pushing myself to my limits. Sometimes not far enough, but that’s me. I surely went through cleansing in more ways than I knew. I needed this for years. It was a cleansing of the mind, body and spirit. I signed on for a yoga experience and got so much more! My own health issues came to the surface and felt pushed and prodded. Something none of my doctors have been able to achieve. Some try harder than others but no one did what this experience did. I definitely need to do this and will do this again.

Vanessa T.

Busy Mom & Yogini

Keya is really good at engaging her clients outside the yoga room! It seems really unique and personal to me that she takes the time and effort to reach people on so many platforms. Often we don’t think of things during the session or its not appropriate or we don’t have time to go into various things in class. The online methods she used were really good at directing the focus for the week and allowed me to feel a part of a bigger community of yogis. Her online presence and others’ comments in the Yoga Mamas Facebook Group were inspiring. Doing the 5-week Yoga For Detox Session with her made me realize I can use yoga as a check in of where I’m at emotionally. The weeks I feel more stuck or down I try to honor that by going inward and getting more yoga practice or meditative stuff in.  Great program, Keya!

Jennifer H.

Busy Mom & Yogini

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I finally got to sit down and watch my custom practice! Wow, you are seriously legit! I love it!
Firstly, having a video where the instructor addresses me by name, is aware of what modifications I need, AND incorporates my toddler into the workout makes me feel like a VIM (very important mommy).
Secondly, this is working out my goal areas and while I know some parts will be challenging to start, I will gradually get stronger and be able to do the whole thing, without too much trouble.
Finally, we will be out of town often in the next few weeks, so I’ll be able to take this anywhere! Even in the hotel room so long as I have a device and a scarf, I’m good!
I really appreciate this!
Francesca B.

Busy Mom & Attorney

I was diagnosed with a series of mental illnesses on April 2, 2003 after a year long manic episode (what’s that? I thought everything was exceptionally awesome), then a dramatic crash after I realized the extent of the destruction I’d caused. I was 22 years old with a 2 year old daughter, on my own in a small apartment and not much of a job. 

 I’ve survived years of medication and therapy, inpatient and outpatient hospitalization, drug addiction, and three suicide attempts. I spent the better part of my child’s life depressed and angry, and the better part of my 20’s on disability and hiding on the couch or in bed. 

 Turns out, the docs are right – the only way to get better is to put forth the effort and do the work. I went back to school in 2009 and received my degree in 2011 and now have a great career, but I still wasn’t satisfied. I had gained over 100 pounds as a result of the medication and it took a toll on my self-esteem. 

I joined the gym last February thinking that if I lost a little weight by walking the treadmill, that would be the ticket. I ventured up to yoga about a month later wondering what all the gym members do: “Why would I pay extra for a yoga class when I can take something the gym offers for free?” I was hooked from my very first class.  I’ve told folks many times that Wednesday nights are the only nights during the week that I sleep through the night. It’s not about how strong or flexible you are. It’s about being comfortable in your own body. It’s somewhere you aren’t judged by your looks or skill. It’s peaceful and there are no bad things that can come in with you that you can’t kick out.  One of my favorite statements at the end is, “Give yourself permission to let go of that which does not serve you.” 

Most importantly – I am almost at peace, for the first time in nearly 15 years. I still don’t love my body completely (haven’t quite lost enough weight for that) but I love that I can sit on the floor and stand back up without difficulty. I love that I found yoga poses that I can get into like a boss and excel at and that I’m not afraid to practice the others. I love that I have an activity to look forward to during the week. What I love the most is that I no longer feel like the ticket to happiness is more medication (or drugs.) I think my docs love that too. 🙂


Thank you, Keya, for being part of my journey. 

Jennifer C.

Busy Mom & IT Professional

However, it was other therapeutic skills that actually got me on my feet. It was my fault. A 64 year who pressed 280 pound in a forty-five degree angle on each leg. I usually do 240 at a 80 degree angle. Twenty-four hours later, I was moving so slow and could not figure out what happen to me. It was only in retrospect and post KEYA treatment that I realized what I injured. Five days later and pre-Keya therapy, I had to go to the emergency room with uncontrollable spasms in an ambulance. Well, I should have saved my visit there and my money. After using anti-spasmotics and pain killers given by the ER doctor, it only took the edge off. I could hardly walk. I talked to Keya and she came to my house, gave me a group of therapeutic yoga exercises and in two days, I was back on my feet and my pain was just about resolved. I Keya told me I had injured my groin muscle which radiates down my leg and to my hip. Those stretching exercises worked. In summary, I believe in modern medicine but Keya’s therapeutic yoga exercises worked and I am ever so grateful to her. Today, I have resumed my normal activity and enjoying life. Thanks, Keya!

Pat M.

Busy Mom & Registered Nurse

Keya created a custom yoga class for me that far exceeded my expectations. I was expecting just a workout but she gave me so much more. My custom practice is just long enough to get what I need from it and I love that she incorporates abdominal work, which is an area I really wanted to focus on.
Before doing this practice I had only been to two other yoga classes in my life, so I love that Keya’s instructions are easy to follow and she gives several modifications that I can do NOW and that I can move up to as I get stronger.
Another personal touch is that Keya says my name throughout the practice. This is a big help in bringing me back to focus when my mind drifts off. You certainly don’t get that kind of personal attention from a regular workout DVD or even in some group yoga classes.
The great thing about Keya’s custom practice is that it’s breastfeeding friendly! This is a huge benefit since I am unable to do high impact workouts that may affect my milk supply. This yoga practice gives me the same results as a more strenuous workout, without all the jumping and bouncing! I’m getting the best of both worlds: lean muscle and relaxation all from 1 custom yoga practice.
For a busy mom, who has very little time to commit to taking care of herself, I think Keya’s Custom Yoga classes are super convenient, super effective and just what a working mother of two, like me needed to get my butt in gear!
I highly recommend the yoga practices not just for breastfeeding moms but for any mother looking to de-stress and get in shape! Keya you are awesome!!
Tameka A

Busy Mom & Engineer

I am a working wife and mother. One of my children is only 3 months old, so I am learning how to incorporate her in an already tight and busy schedule. I am overwhelmed to say the least. This program gives me the me time I need to be happy and productive. I love that the class kicked my butt. The meditation helps me unwind and the journal keeps my day intentional but if I don’t check everything off my list I am at peace with shifting it to another day.

Amina M.

Busy Mom & Admissions Rep

Keya is an excellent yoga instructor, bringing experience and a gentle touch to make each practice personal and enlightened. Love it!

Rebecca O.

Busy Mom & Fitness Professional, Colonial Fitness Center

An hour of yoga with Keya is a great way to start your Monday morning! Keya is an endless wealth of poses and information,and we do something different every week. I’ve never felt better!

Karen G.

Busy Mom & Hair Stylist

I have enjoyed my yoga practice with Kia as my instructor more than any other over the last 15 years. I feel as though she has a sense of her clients core abilities and yet has us “push the envelope “,gently adjusting when needed,keeping us in alignment during the poses. She is always up beat and positive. I look forward to participating in her class twice a 
week. I have no question in my mind that she is an outstanding instructor.

Maribeth F.

Busy Mom & Registered Nurse

Keya is an amazing woman with many gifts and luckily she is willing to share and pass on her wisdom to the rest of us. By far one of the best (if not the BEST) yoga teacher I have encountered in my many years of practice. I feel very blessed to have her guidance. She is very sweet and personable as well as professional – a great balance! Namaste.

Deb M

Busy Mom & Yogini

What I like most about my custom yoga practice is that it is customized just for me and just what I want to focus on!  I love that I can use it at my convenience.  I love that it is at my own pace and very detailed! And I love that the bonus workbook helps me outline my tasks to complete and see the progress of my goals

Nancy F.

Busy Mom & US Postal Carrier