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I’ll be the first to admit that I am pretty “Plain Jane”.  I’ve never been into make up and fancy clothes.  When it comes to things like spa days and mani pedis I love them, but not because my toes will be painted when I leave but because I really just want a foot massage!

Recently I’ve been wearing make up. I’ve always had make up (just the basics) for those special occasions and photo ops but I never wore it regularly.  I’ve also been getting dressed.  No I never walked around in pajamas all day long, but Yoga Pants!  Well they are a different story all together.  I’ve been putting on earrings and doing something  more with my hair instead of just pulling it back in a pony tail.

I guess what I’m saying is that doing these small things that only take me 5 extra minutes in the morning makes me feel totally different during the day

But it dawned on me recently that maybe just maybe things that I have previously considered strictly “cosmetic” could make us moms feel like glamour girls. And maybe feeling like a glamour girl on a regular basis IS a form of self care.

Meditation, (learn all about how meditation can create more peace in your mom life in this FREE mini-course) yoga, mommy time outs are all great and necessary but sometimes taking care of ourselves by treating ourselves like the queens that we are.  Maybe sending a clear message to everyone around us and to ourselves that we are worth it, we are worthy and we deserve to be catered to and adored.

You deserve to feel special and beautiful EVERY DAY and that is what self care is about  – too!

So how do we practice this “Glamour Girl” style of self-care without making it one more stressful thing to put on our to-do list?

  • Do something for yourself that makes you feel luxurious and beautiful.

This might be taking a long uninterrupted bubble bath. It may be painting your own nails (you know to experience the beauty of having painted nails). It may be wearing a prettier than normal dress on a day that you don’t really have anywhere special to go.

Or it may be drinking a glass of wine out of one of those expensive crystal glasses you got as a wedding present that you NEVER use.  Treat yourself like you’re special now. Because you are.

  • Do something that makes you feel calm and peaceful

Did I already mention taking a long bath!  Cause they are just so peaceful. You could also give yourself permission just to sit out in nature and do absolutely NOTHING.  Wouldn’t that be great?  Read a chapter of an inspirational book.  Try my book Secrets of an Energized Mama!

If you have the time and resources, go get that massage or ask your partner to rub your feet.   Take a couple of minutes to feel into that place inside of you that doesn’t have to be busy all the time.  You deserve a time-out too! This 30-minute online yoga class is perfect for creating a sense of peace and calm for moms.

  • Do something simply for the pleasure of it.

Pleasure is surely underrated in our society.  We usually believe that people that do things for the simple pleasure and joy of it have too much time or their hands. We say things to them like “well it must be nice that you can do xyz, I would never have time to do that”.

Well you know what? You’ll never have time to do it because you said so and Life obeys your command.

Start by first giving yourself permission to figure out what things actually please you. Is it laying in bed as late as you want on a Sunday morning? Is it taking a nap in the middle of the day? Is it savoring a bowl of ice cream?

Whatever it is remember how that thing makes you feel pure joy! Then tell yourself that you WILL make time do that thing just for the pleasure of it. And when you tell yourself this, you will find ways to make it happen.

You don’t have to feel bad about enjoying the content of your life.  Life is meant to be joyful!

So go ahead mama,, give yourself permission to glam up your self-care routine and enjoy your Life as mom just a little bit more.

Here’s to a particularly glamorous week!


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