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 Corporate Yoga & Wellness

Happy and Healthy people make PRODUCTIVE and INNOVATIVE employees! That is the premise behind all of my corporate services.

As an Organizational Psychologist, Registered Yoga Teacher and Yoga Lifestyle Consultant I work one-on-one with my corporate clients to provide customized programs for employees that help organizations recruit and maintain top talent, keeping them on the leading edge of their industry.

When most people think of yoga, they often only think of being bendy enough to touch their toes, or sitting peacefully on a beach meditating. However the WHOLE practice of yoga is a 2000 year old preventative health system that is as practical and pragmatic as eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Yoga is a masterful tool to help anyone decrease stress and continue to manage it well. Yes its also a great way keep the body strong, limber and healthy. Furthermore, yoga provides excellent practices to help increase focus, concentration and creativity! All necessary characteristics of a successful organization.

My Corporate Wellness programs include:
  1. Lunch & Learn workshops to support employees in adapting and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits;
  2. Yoga 4 Fitness yoga classes and private yoga and
  3. Relaxation sessions to support employee’s mental and physical health.

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