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measuring-tapeTen years ago I couldn’t have even imagined going to a yoga class to “get fit” or lose weight.  It’s just not one of the benefits that I’d seen or experienced taking yoga classes.

But over the last 6 years or so my ideas about how we lose weight and what we have to do to stay healthy has done a complete 180.

A Real Life Case Study!

When my student  told me that she’s been able to drop a significant amount of weight (like 30-40 pounds) in just about 5 months because of YOGA, my mouth literally dropped!

Its one thing to “believe” in the benefits of yoga, it’s another thing entirely to “SEE” those benefits standing in front of you 2-3 times a week!

Not only am I super proud of her, I’m also super proud of yoga for busting up the “fitness dogma” that is so prevalent in our culture!

Most of us think we have to bust our asses in the gym, get good “drippage” and feel the burn just to make big strides in the weight loss department!

But my student (and I’m sure many other yogis around the world) didn’t start out taking a Yoga For Fitness Class, or a sweat inducing Vinyasa Class.

She reached her goals by bravely walking into a….wait for it…..Restorative Yoga Class!

Yeah, you know the kind of class where you barely move, let alone sweat at all?

And how did she say Restorative Yoga helped kick start her weight loss?

She says it helped her RELAX!!!

In other words, it helped her release stress, baggage and toxins that as the yogis say, were being held in her tissues. I did a video all about how to use yogic breathing techniques to lose weight. Check it out here!

And when she was able to let the emotional toxins go, then her body was able to finally let go of the extra weight as well.

Its amazing how beautifully complicated our bodies are!  And this lady’s story is a testament to how yoga’s focus on the WHOLE Self, can produce massive benefits for us when we commit!

Have you seen beneficial “side effects” from your yoga practices?  What have they been!

Could you use more peace, energy and focus?

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