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Secrets of an Energized Mama

How to Use Yoga to Juggle Life & Kids Without Burning Out

Let’s face it: Being a mom is hard, and it takes a ton of energy! In Secrets of an Energized Mama, The Yoga Mom Keya Williams reveals a secret energy source that will make you a more focused, patient and even more productive mom. Here’s a hint: It’s been hiding inside of you all along.

Keya’s approach to motherhood is rooted in yogic principles of self-care and mindfulness. In this book, she provides practical applications that will fit right into your busy mom planner. Her step-by-step guide to energizing your life includes:

  • Simple yogic breathing exercises to boost energy immediately
  • Energized Mama Jedi Mind Hacks to manage stress and promote inner peace
  • Mindfulness tools for Mommy stress relief
  • Yoga poses for relaxation and how to fit them into your busy day

You don’t have to be a yogini, have the perfect pair of yoga pants, or even have ever practiced yoga to use this book. Keya breaks down her three-part formula into very easy, practical tips that only require a few minutes, a quiet space (the closet will do in a pinch) and your mind. This book will give you the tools of self-care that will allow you to take care of yourself, even in the realistic chaos of your everyday mom life.  

Written like a heartfelt email from your very best mom friend, Secrets of an Energized Mama, is down-to-earth, honest and funny.  No matter what phase of motherhood you’re in, you do have the power within you to become the peaceful, patient and energized mama of your dreams.

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Praise For Secrets of an Energized Mama

Keya writes with a true understanding of what it’s like to be a busy mom in a relatable voice – whether you’re a yoga expert or not. She doesn’t just rattle off a list of tips but gives concrete examples of what she means and how to apply those tips in everyday life. Some secret strategies were completely new to me. There were one or two that I had already been doing…the real secret was that I didn’t realize I was doing yoga! Now that I’m aware, I can use other tips from the Yoga Mama, to do what I’ve been doing  more consciously. Overall, we moms can always use help on how to better take care of ourselves, and this book is great, for that!
Francesca B.

Attorney & Busy Mom

If you are a busy mom who doesn’t think you have time for yoga or to read a book, you need to read this book! Keya Williams provides so much value in Secrets of an Energized Mama. You’ll get practical tips you can incorporate into your everyday life easily. From practical tips like how to save money on groceries to ways to let go of mom guilt and have your kids help out more. You’ll even get access to an online yoga class and inspiration to nurture yourself every day! This is a must read for every mom, practicing yogini or not!
Annie G.

Yoga Teacher & Busy Mom, Active with Annie

I’ve been a life-long practitioner of yoga (my grandfather taught me to meditate when I was 5 years old, and I’ve been learning yoga since I was 10), and I’ve been a yoga teacher and a soulistic life coach for several years now. But I believe in learning new things everyday, and in anyway life offers them. Keya’s book, Secrets of an Energized Mama, is a book about using yoga to live an energized life. I love how deep she goes in all areas of life – physical, mental and spiritual. She uses plenty of examples and candid stories from her own life to illustrate how utterly relevant the ancient teachings of yoga are in the modern lifestyle of today’s moms. I especially appreciated the spiritual section of the book, and was surprised how she was fearless in going deeper on some of those topics.

I’d totally recommend this book to any mom – pregnant moms, new moms, or moms with high school kids. You’ll love Keya’s tone, as if she’s directly talking to you, keeping it real. Oh, and don’t miss all the freebies she’s stuffed into her book!! Each one is excellent in leading you onto your next steps to an energized life!

Saiisha N.

Soulistic Life Coach, Nest In The Forest

This was absolutely awesome and a must read for busy moms from every walk of life.
Amina M.

College Admissions Rep & Busy Mom

Meet the Yoga Mama

“You can’t give from an empty cup. So fill your glass often … preferably with wine.” – Keya Williams

Keya Williams is a mom to three crazy kids and a Yoga Lifestyle Consultant to busy moms everywhere. An author and speaker, Keya loves to spread the gospel of yogic self-care for moms at workshops around the U.S, local yoga classes and online on her own site as well as Yoga International.  Her mission is simple: Teach moms (who are the busiest people she knows) to use yoga to juggle life and kids without burning out and turning into a hot mess of a woman.

An applied psychologist by education, Keya went on to receive her yoga teacher training from The Himalayan Institute and continues her training through classes, books and workshops constantly.

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