School’s out for summer and your “organized” chaos has quickly morphed into extra long days of boooored kids, extra long car rides to summer camps and activities and you seeking extra long quiet time to regain your sanity.

Not too long ago, our family moved from one state to another. And during that move we spent one whole month between moving out of one home and then finally moving into our new one. Talk about amplifying the chaos. Below are some sanity saving tips and lessons learned from my crazy summer of schlepping my family from hotel to hotel and living out of a suitcase.

Summer Chaos Lesson #1 – You Can Find Happiness Anywhere

As I mentioned my family spent a whole month in-between houses one summer. Living partly in hotels. Partly at my moms and my in-laws.  Sharing a room with the other 4 members of my house.  And the kicker? Sharing a bed with two of my children, who happen to be the wildest sleepers ever!

But even during that time we were happy.

Happiness is all about how you frame your experience.  You can choose to say “this sucks and I want something different.”  Or you can recognize that this is not the ideal situation, but you are going to make the best of it.

Summer Chaos Lesson #2 –  You Don’t Have to Make Excuses For Why You Can’t Do Things

Sometimes we use our kids as our excuses for why we can’t do something that we really need or want to do.  For me, I’ve used my children as an excuse to not get work done for my business.  Maybe you use yours as an excuse not to workout regularly because who’s going to keep the kids.  Or maybe you excuse yourself from eating healthy because you say the kids won’t go for it.

The truth is mama, you can do ANYTHING you really want to do.  If you make an activity a priority then consider it done.

Does that mean you won’t have to put in effort, patience and practice?  NO. There will be lots of practice and patience to make this work, but when you get there the results are well worth your effort.

Summer Chaos Lesson #3 – Be Especially Nice to You When Life Is Stressful

I’m such a type A person. I want things the way I want them when I want them. But things almost never work out exactly as planned, especially when you’re moving houses and living out of hotels. All of this disarray drains our emotional reserves. So, just when all hell is breaking loose is the perfect time for you to be more tender, more loving and more caring to yourself.

Go for a walk. Put on nice clothes instead of your schlep-around-the-house clothes. Listen to music you love while you do chores.  All of these things keep you in good spirits and keep your energy up!

The bottom line mama, is that summers with the kids home can be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your center – right?  Know that you are well able to manage all that life (even summer vacation) throws at you. And besides, the Fall will be here before you know it!

Could you use more peace and calm in your mom life? 

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