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morning routineWhen my oldest son was a baby the best advice I ever got was to establish (and stick to) a sleep routine for him. We know that routines help babies and children orient their world and find comfort and security in their environment.

But did you know that adults are just as hard wired to want to be comfortable and safe? We grown ups also REALLY like our daily lives to run smoothly and productively.

How do we accomplish this – you ask?

Meet The Morning Routine – Grown Up Edition

One of these can bring focus to your day and allow you to more easily accomplish your goals. It can also help you reduce your stress, give you more energy and help improve your overall health!

Seriously ladies, a morning routine is a busy mom’s secret sauce!

Convinced? Good!

Here are 4 simple steps to create your own routine that works for your viva loca!

Step #1 – Choose a Time & Place That Works

Remember nothing gets done unless you set a time to do it. Personally, the 30 minutes after my 2 bigger kids leave for school and before my youngest gets up is an ideal time for me to do my mourning routine.

What about you? Can you take 10 minutes after the kids go to bed? Or maybe five minutes at lunch time?

Step #2 – Pick Three!

No this is not a fast food restaurant! I want you to choose three activities that you want to include in your morning routine each day. Three is a good number because it has the Goldie Locks effect. You know it’s not too little and not too much so you are more likely to get your routine done.

The list of potential things to do is plentiful and that’s why you need to narrow it down. Choose things that are most important to you. For example Oprah talks about making Chai tea every morning. I personally like to practice yoga, meditate and pray.

Interested in making yoga a part of your morning routine?  Sign up for Yoga Wednesday’s and get FREE 30 minute yoga practices designed to help busy moms decrease stress and feel refreshed!

What do you enjoy most? Maybe you really enjoy a nice hot shower, or you like listening to inspirational music while you have morning coffee or tea. Choose activities that give you energy and make you feel alive.

Step # 3 – Be Flexible.

You’re a mom so you know that life with kids is unpredictable! For me, the time and place of my morning ritual changes depending on whether or not the kids are in school. This might be the case for you too. So have a back up time and place. My back up time is WAY early in the morning (like 5am) before the kids wake up. My back up place is my closet.

What about you? Get creative with your alternatives! Hey, and there’s no shame in hiding in the bathroom, if you kids actually give you privacy there! Mine don’t!

Step# 4 – Just Do IT!

You might not even wear Nikes but you can still take their marketing advice. Bottom line is you can’t become more productive, more energetic and less stressed if you never start doing something about it. So start today!

Share With Us.  Have you been thinking about establishing a morning routine but haven’t? Tell us YOUR REASONS for wanted to jump on the morning routine bandwagon!