Can I just tell you how powerful and amazing you are? And I’m not just saying that as an “affirmation” I’m saying it because it’s true.

This thing you do here. This practice of yoga. The down dogs. The breath work. The mindfulness that keeps you from losing your shit, JUST. THIS. TIME. And the continued practices that increase your sanity and patience. This meditating, this mantra-ing that helps you see yourself, your spouse, your children more clearly. That helps you to love more clearly.

I know. I get that there is nothing glamorous about being a mom. I’ve wiped my share of snotty noses, cleaned up more poop than I care to admit and woken up for many more night feedings than I wanted to.

As moms we do this “grunt work.” This nurturing and schlepping. Wondering if all this stuff we do is worth it.

And what I want to tell you today is that YES, ITS ALL WORTH IT.

With every practice you commit to, to improve your own health and love yourself more, you positively influence the next generation.

With every act of self-love a thousand more loving acts will be accomplished through your children and your children’s children.

With every act of self-knowing and self-acceptance a thousand more acts of knowing and acceptance will be accomplished through your children and your children’s children.

And so this yoga stuff, this take care of and love yourself stuff is not in vein.

It’s your sacred act of generosity to the future of the world our children will inhabit.

And this is why you, yes, you are AMAZING!

And I wanted you to know, that I love and appreciate you for your efforts and for you being here in this community to share your journey with us all.

Here’s to an amazing “worth it” kinda week mama!


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